In 1915 the original owners put the Stonehenge crescent up for auction. The Antrobus family looked after it for years, since the beginning of the 19TH century. Cecil and Mary Chubb purchased it at UKD 6,000 and gave it to the nation on October 26th, 1918. The chief executive of the English heritage Mayor, says that the ruin went from being neglected to being a national treasure. Several ruins had fallen and become twisted up over the years of neglect. The English government seeing this they had several different steps of reconstruction and repair for Stonehenge, and they were uprighted in the reconstruction time. There were two different periods that repairs were made to Stonehenge. One was from 1919 to1921 and the second one was from the 1950s to the 1960s. Mrs. Chubb inherited UKD 100,000 which is what was used to purchase the Stonehenge and the land. Today 6,000 UKD would equal eight million UK dollars. Mrs. Chubbs was a major factor in the purchase of the Stonehenge. There is a researcher for a college called The West of England College and had been staying abreast of the Chubbs and was documenting their life. Mr. Chubbs had been deemed Knight just a year after giving the Stonehenge to the nation. The couple was called Sir Cecil and Lady Chubb. For years, the archaeologist has been stumped on the mysterious powers the stone henge has. It took fifteen hundred years to get built and completed. The stone henge is in southern England. There are approximately one-hundred humungous stones standing upright in a crescent. At one point in time, this was used as a burial grounds. For centuries, no one has been able to find a definitive answer to what another purpose this place is used for. It has really confused people for hundreds of years because the outer ring is made of the sandstone that came from nearby quarries, the inner ring is blue stones, these came from Preseli Hills in Wales, two hundred miles from where the Stonehenge landmark resides at Salisbury Plains. Since the 1980s, over one hundred million people have come to see the Stonehenge monumental landmark. The only thing that anyone can figure out is that they were used for ceremonials and rituals and for winter and summer solace to celebrate the shortest and longest days of the year. Hundreds and hundreds come to this celebration every year. Today as of 2020 no one can get close to them due to tourists defacing and vandalizing the druidic stones. In 1977, they were sectioned off because all the physical touching was creating a lot of deterioration. The first part of them was built no earlier than five thousand years ago but could have been even longer than that. Archaeologists feel the prehistoric rune was built up in multiple stages. To help the stones to stand there was a deep hole or ditch dug to support the thousands of tons of stones weight back in this era. The holes were named after John Aubrey, the guy who discovered them, and at one time they may have held a ring of lumber posts around them. Hundreds of years later after this landmark uprising, it is believed that that the boulders carried eighty blue stones in them and was brought up into a crescent-shaped standing position. There are only forty-three left standing today. The third part of this uprising happened around two hundred BC. There was a crescent ring set up from Sarsen sandstone slabs. Some were put together in tree piece structural builds called tri-Lithions that stand in the center of the stone henge. Approximately fifty can be seen on the historical site and more than that may have been there at one time or another. The work with the blue stone may have continued through roughly the 1600s and they had been moved around multiple times. The largest stone henge weighs more than forty tons, stands up to twenty-four feet in height, and came about twenty-five miles north of the memorial site and was moved by sleds and ropes. Some were found in the areas the archaeologist started digging in. Stonehenge site is a world heritage site jumping in with other UK sites is the Giants Cause Way Canterbury Cathedral and Lake District. This is now a threatening issue. There has been talking of putting in a three KM tunnel along the side of the stones. There was a dispute on this and the problem is it would disturb the grounds and cause the Stonehenge to crumble and fall due to the vibrations of the ground while the construction work was being done. The highways department says it would restore the tranquil environment setting of the historical site. Archaeologists argue it would cause imminent damage to the historical landmarks, so now UNESCO wants to put in a bypass. With all the arguing there is an undesirable chance that they will pull the world heritage status. Stonehenge is a Unesco world heritage site and is not legally protected as an official ancient monument and has become the property of the Crown. It belongs to the royal family king and queen and the land belongs to the national trust. The iron age was the last time Stonehenge was used as a burial grounds. There is proven documentation to there being spiritual activity attached to all the Stonehenge sites. It is also believed that it is linked to the heavenly divine workings. For example, the equinox or eclipse. There are ancient tales of this being related to the English folklore. There are over 400 burial mounds that surround the Stonehenge crescent and most people get creepy feelings from this area. Architects and others are completely uncertain of the exact purpose of what Stonehenge sites were used for. At one time we are certain it was used for burial grounds but some think it was used for royalty, others think Monks, Druids, and Vikings. What has been established is that it was used as a very important establishment for thousands of years. It’s also unknown as to why Britians went to Salisbury Plains in particular to build it and why the Stonehenge was continued to be built. We do know at one point it was a burial site but was also thought of being used for astronomy purposes. Other thoughts are it is used for ceremonial rituals or a memorial to honor to connect to the ancient ancestors. I believe it is for connection rituals to our ancient ancestors because of all the reported sightings at the American Stonehenge location. Some believe that people did not have the slightest clue of astrology or any knowledge of zodiacs back in that era. With this being said, many believe it was used for ceremonial and ritual purposes back then. They also believe the England fog and cloud coverage would prevent them from being able to use it as it would block the view. In the time these were built the skies and air would be clean of pollutions. There is also the possibility of it being used as a healing grounds because the corps that were unburied shown visible signs of illness, scars, wounds, and injuries. If this is the case, what are the odds and possibilities that it was used as a healing and burial sight for any of the Knights Templar? The other reason that its thought of as a healing grounds is because the blue stone that is in the boulder hold healing properties. There is also a Stonehenge in Salem and New Hampshire. No one knows who built these or why it was left abandoned. America’s Stonehenge has always been a very spiritual location. This location is up on Mystory Hill. It is in the far back of the woods and is a self-tour site. The 4,000-year-old Megalith location is made like a maze with trails of stone chambers. This specific location has an Oracle chamber, an operating observatory, a sacrificial altar, and a burial chamber. This location is open to the public year-round and the metaphysical and the paranormal activity at this site is practically impossible to ignore. Many tourists have reported things like they felt they were being watched and there was not anyone around. They would see a pair of red fiery glowing eyes glaring at them from a short distance. Neighbors can see strange lights and hear odd noises coming from within the woods late at night. An employee has seen a stone turn into an old woman and starts walking towards her across the parking lot. Makes you wonder if there are bodies hidden from within the stones or they have attached themselves to the stones even. Anyone who has stolen a stone from the grounds has very promptly returned it to the site. The visitors say that they watched the stone turn into a 9 foot Native Indian within their home. The sightings that have been reported are virtually endless. When visitors come to the site they report seeing bright blue energy and some have gotten pictures of this. They complain and report coffee going cold fast, batteries draining, and going dead. Empaths and mediums have gone to the site to investigate and report that there are hundreds of free reign spirits. They have been not been able to find out if its Druids, Vikings, Native Indians, Monks, but with as much history the Stonehenge has and the years that they go back, it could be a mix of all.

BY: Lynn Reed

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