By: Lynn Reed
Red – energy, health, vitality, vigor, represent the element of Fire. Red is physical and bestows energy general, dynamic, receptive, passionate love, physical desire, willpower, athletic ability, especially competitive, arousing anger, pure lust, physical gratification. Red is a fiery color, attracts, and magnetizes, hot aphrodisiac, represents blood, sex, fertility, defense, incite passion in love spells, sexual love, passionate, romantic, fertile, eliminate pessimism, negative attitudes, gives strength against enemies, fast action, activity, ambition, assertiveness, battle, competition, combativeness, desire, drive, exercise, lust, mechanical ability, sports, stamina, strength, accidents, injuries, invoke power, and intensity before darker magick rites, spells for revenge, anger, courage, determination, dealing with enemies, in the physical world – in touch with the power of the flesh, temporal pleasures, Physical work, in the healing of people and animals, command the Root Chakra, inspiration, pride, bravery, emotions, purification, arid places, aggressive music like drumming similar to a heartbeat, lightning storms, grounding, stimulates fertility, represents Mars, the god of war, courage, determination, potency, increase life force, for survival, pleasure, righteous anger, overcome injustice, change. Red can be a real strong color and used for honorable purposes and used in a good state of mind. It is a good color for Alchemy, and magickal arts strengthen magnetism in rituals. If red is used in conjunction with darker magic, with a black candle, it will sudden attacks, accidents, danger, bloodshed, violence, with hatred. It is used to create war and cruelty. Mars rules red and masculine. Rites workings using red need the power of the root chakra and is recommended to be performed on Tuesdays when Mars is in waxing. Combined with agate, red jasper, garnet, pyrite, ruby, red tigers eye. Mars, the sign is Aries, Scorpio, Numbers are- 5 and 9.

Orange Candles are a combination of yellow and red. Yellow is for mental agility, and red is for action-energy, so, the color orange represents the properties of vitality, energy, prosperity, positively attracting others, outgoing, assertive, encourages fun, discourages laziness, promotes a happy-go-lucky appearance, adaptability, creativity, sexual attraction – stimulation – magick, enthusiasm, natural impulsive vivaciousness, attraction, attractiveness, friendship, sudden changes, energy stimulation, gaining control, changing luck, inciting justice, encouragement, confidence, courage, self-esteem, independence, kindness, good health, weight loss, joy, buoyancy, spontaneity, power, success. Orange is a solar color, fertility(because of red) both physical and mental, creativity, growth, career matters, pride, courage, heroism, kinship, ambition, trade, enterprise, Plus, matters involving the law, justice, legal cases, warmth, spirit, will, personal strength, authority, alertness, balancing element, cleanses negative attitudes, situations, and places, happiness, emotional healing, sudden change, draw the good things in life, performance arts, Burn an orange candle if you lack vitality and or motivation, setting goals, an excellent source of stimulation, energy, willpower, bring self joy, success, taking action, achieving goals, bringing happiness, enthusiasm, attracting friends, inspires emotional healing, cure fear, doubt, worry, positive attitude, communication, movement, enterprise, sudden change, instant and profound change, weddings, contains male energies, performed on a Sunday, inciting lust and sexual attraction, sacral and root chakras, combined with amber, agate, carnelian, or coral, Planet- Sun, Sun Symbol, Day- Sunday, Chakra- Sacral, Astrological Sign- Leo. Leo Symbol, and the numbers 1 and 8.

Yellow- brainpower, focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, logic, learning, improve visualization, improve memory, confidence, charm, persuasion, attractiveness, to compel others, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, mental strength, clarity, communication, power, self-esteem, promotes cheerfulness, optimistic outlook, invoke or represent the element of Air, access the wisdom, gain control over mental powers, endurance, stability, the security, passing school tests, increasing intelligence, get insight to problems, logical conscious, alters dark mental mood swings, Enhance knowledge for healing, concentrate, improve, increase learning ability, speech, writing, publishing, success, careers in business, communications, media concerns, break mental blocks, eliminates obstacles, good luck, associated with the East – fire element, Yellow candles for spells intended to heighten visualization abilities. Yellow is used for mental clarity, activity, comfort, joy, swift action, accuracy, cheery, positive disposition that is full of charisma, spells to enhance your fulfill your ambition, attain your goals, encourage the activity, mental exercise, gain a person’s confidence and approval, gossip, jealousy, slander, interviews, spiritually, astral projection, overcome addictions, break bad habits. Yellow has a male energy. It is also good for friendships, lonely, helpless, depressed, enhances communication, encourages communication, especially in relationships, workings of black magick, yellow is used to incite infidelity, cowardice, decay, disease, dying, insanity, and inconsistency in others, a messenger of gods, rules over yellow, mental work, meditation, will, and intellect, divination, fortune-telling, and prophecy, confidence in spell casting, will, imagination, power in rituals.
Golden yellow – friendship, goodness, and faith, charm, trust, Summer, children’s laughter, upbeat music. Pastel yellow – Spring, psychic endeavors, and creativity, improve balance, self-esteem, charisma, divination, creativity, the strength of will, vitality, purpose, effectiveness, 3rd solar plexus chakra, intellect, and communication, working on a Wednesday, yellow jasper, yellow calcite, golden tiger eye, or citrine. Planet- Mercury, Mercury Symbol, Day- Wednesday, Chakras- Solar Plexus, Astrological Sign- Gemini, Gemini Symbol, Virgo, Virgo Symbol, and number 1 and 12.

Green Candles – beginnings, growth, nature, renewal, rejuvenation, harmony, balance, healing, good health, regain goals, money, financial success, good luck, good fortune, earning increases, financial, material gain, possessions, riches, abundance, cooperation, generosity, charity, and matrimony, Goddess and her green earth. prosperity, bountiful harvest, finding employment, business, success, growth, garden, crops, money, wealth, money to transcend, money-drawing spells, business, career, the achievement, personal goals, In darker magick, green is used for jealousy, greed, suspicion, resentment, sickness, disease, and disharmony, money growth, prosperity rituals. When green candles are burned in rituals for wealth or money gain, they manifest a gradual increase in profits or a necessary resource, heart chakra, jade, aventurine, peridot, or green tourmaline, Planet- Venus, Venus Symbol, Day- Friday, Chakras- Heart, Astrological Sign- Taurus, Taurus Symbol, Libra, Libra Symbol, and the number 2, 3, 7.

Blue- is good to use in spells about spiritual well-being, meditation, healing, rest, serenity, patience, kindness, inner calmness, inner peace, sincerity, encouraging fidelity, loyalty, knowledge, wisdom, gaining truth, contact with Higher Self, establish harmony at home, increasing occult wisdom, power, spiritual protection, dream magick, prophetic dreams, summoning demons, feeling indecisive, nervous, to think clearly, to gain hope, courage, impulsiveness, fight depression. Fear of flying and other forms of travel can be helped by burning a blue candle, house blessings, healing, curing fevers, re-uniting friendships, Burn a blue candle for spells to affect sleep, calm, harmony, satisfaction, bliss, oneness, understand spiritual realms. Blue is the color associated with the West, the water element, blue represents emotional work, soothes, and cools, bright blue is an inspiration and clear communication. The deep blues are good for wisdom, royalty, and protection. Devotion, honor, and loyalty are associated with deep blue, balances logic with intuition, protection, sleep, prophetic dreams, confidence, of crisis, turmoil, thoughtfulness, harmony, communication, resonance. Blue is ruled by Jupiter, royal blue, Thursday, the Moon, light blue, Monday, Saturn- dark blue, Saturday, male energies of Jupiter, Light or pale blue candles is another very spiritual color, they are more in tune with lunar energy, intuition, radiate Aquarian energy, calm waters, and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations. Those who light a blue candle are seeking truth, harmony, peace, calm, conciliation, agreement, and guidance, piety, devotional, meditations, For black magick, blue can be used for creating a depression in your target, lack of sympathy, coldness, and causing a gloomy feeling. Jupiter rules royal blue, using blue energy is done on Thursday, throat chakra, sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and turquoise, Planet- Jupiter, Jupiter Symbol, Day- Thursday, Chakra- Throat, Astrological Sign- Sagittarius, Sagittarius Symbol sky blue, co-ruler in Pisces, Pisces Symbol, and numbers 4 and 6.

Indigo candles- represents ambition, awareness, balance, karmic, spiritual, clarity, clairvoyance, spiritual communication, ancestor connections, consciousness, dignity, discipline, divination, endurance, fear, honesty, karma, marriage, peace, purification, quests, rebirth, renewal, relationships, clear sight, spirits contact, truth. Planets- Jupiter, Venus Symbol, Neptune, Neptune Symbol, Saturn, Saturn Symbol, Uranus, Uranus Symbol, Venus, Venus Symbol, Day- Friday, Saturday, Thursday, Chakra- third Eye, Astrological Sign- Aquarius, Aquarius Symbol, Capricorn, Capricorn Symbol, Pisces, Pisces Symbol.

Purple – assist meditation, increasing psychic ability, awakening third eye chakra, intuition, visions, scrying, divination, astral travel, past-life work, fortune telling, bringing wisdom, spiritual power, strengthening magical powers, spiritual activities, contact the spiritual world, spiritual awakening, spiritual protection, ancient wisdom, remove curses, healing, enthusiasm, idealism, material, power, supremacy, royalty, sovereignty, dignity, ambition, control, command, mastery, honor, respect, recognition, influencing people in power, combined blue candles – used in healing rituals, severe illness, when meditating with a purple candle you can reduce stress and insomnia, the color of royalty, stands for judgment, industry, planet Jupiter, Thursday, seventh- Crown Chakra, old age, represents multiple astrological signs – Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces, spiritual centering and meditation, extend consciousness, cosmic awareness. If you want to go big, use purple, spirituality, health, or love, money brings money, the rich get richer, poor get poorer, Purple brings more of what you already have, in a bigger way, wisdom, high idealism, brings knowledge of higher realms of magick, spiritual protection, healing, becoming of your highest potential, reverse a jinx or curse, purple can manipulate the law, business, commerce, courts, judges, officials in a position of power, power, psychic ability, and male energy. A purple candle can influence older men of power and women with a strong male nature. keeper of hidden knowledge, wise instructors, unconscious wisdom, color for the mystic, purple auras are sensitive, extremely aware. They need time to there selves, assist in mirror scrying, psychic protection, used for rituals where facts are not clear, secrecy, healing the spirit, banishing the past but haunts the present time, remembering the deceased, Students of esoterism believe that purple candles have the power to cancel out the negative effects of bad karma. Ancestorial wisdom and purple are related to the third eye. steeped in meditation, divination, hidden knowledge, spiritual protection, find recognition, used against black magick, demonic possession, ward away evil, Purple puts a veil up of spiritual protection. For black magick, it is used to cause tyranny, abused power, bring sadness, treachery to others. Jupiter rules purple. Workings using the color purple should be performed on Thursdays, psychic power needs the energy of the sixth chakra and the third eye and should be performed on Mondays when the Moon is placed and full. Purple is male, rituals are Thursday. Use with amethyst, sugilite, peacock ore, purple kunzite, and purple fluorite. Planet- Jupiter, Jupiter Symbol, Neptune, Neptune Symbol, Day- Thursday, Chakra- third Eye, Astrological Signs- Sagittarius, Sagittarius Symbol, Pisces, Pisces Symbol, and the numbers 7 and 8.

Gold – astral realms, attraction, awareness, beauty, confidence, connections, bless, consciousness, creativity, darkness, divination, energy, friendship, happiness, healing, the home, illumination, increase, influence, intuition, knowledge, light, power, protection, security, strength, skills, well-being, wisdom. Planet- Sun, Sun Symbol, Day- Sunday, Chakras- Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown, Astrological Sign- Leo, Leo Symbol, Sagittarius, Sagittarius Symbol, Virgo, Virgo Symbol, and the numbers 1 and 6.

White – cleansing, purification, healing, blessings, protection, purity, chastity, truth, sincerity, peace, spirituality, enlightenment, prophecy, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, wholeness, joy, repels negative energy, releases tension, helps with meditation, assists in happiness, unity, highest color in spirituality and protects, purify, heal, stands for truth, unity, harmony, Since all colors are made from white it can be substituted for any other color in any rites if necessary. It, therefore, gives a strong presence, eliminates negativity, concentration rituals, meditation, protective, consecration, cleansing rituals for healing, spiritual matters, rites-of-passage work, birth, marriage, Monday, the day of the moon. White is the color of Ceremonial Magick, ceremonies, rituals, purity, friendship, infancy. Crystal white is the color of sincerity, and divinity, blessings, For black magick rites, white can be used to create weakness, neurosis, and fear. The Moon rules white, rites using white candles should be performed on a Monday, uses the energy from the third eye. Use with clear crystals, moonstones, white stones such as the opal. Planet- Moon, Moon Symbol, Day- Monday, Chakra- Crown, Astrological Sign- Cancer, Cancer Symbol, and the numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, 9.

Pink – devotion, tenderness, affection, warmth, compassion, honor, friendship, faith, forgiveness, joy, harmony, sensitivity, emotional and spiritual healing, self-love, emotional love – not physical form, without a sexual connection, love freely given with no conditions, for example – feelings between parent and child, close friends, family, pure love, selfless love, feminine, love for friends, family members, unselfish emotions, and to start a relationship, lighting a pink candle says they are interested in starting a partnership, a form of universal love, unconditional, enduring, added to rites for attracting, attention, family, love, romance, respect, moral, attractiveness, beauty, purity, faithfulness, reconciliation, spiritual love, gentleness, sensitivity, nurturing, soothing, pleasantness, joyful conversations, togetherness, gentleness, and spiritual fulfillment. dark pink – help to break up bad conditions of several types, dispel negativity, hot pink – joy and pleasure, Venus, the goddess of love, healing wounds, emotions, quiet sleep, rebuilding trust, and new relationships, female energies, and feminine rituals, use rose quartz, tourmaline, and rhodonite, planet- Venus, Venus Symbol, Day- Friday, Chakras- Heart, Astrological Sign- Cancer Cancer Symbol, Gemini, Gemini Symbol, Libra, Libra Symbol, Taurus Taurus Symbol, Virgo Virgo Symbol, and the number 6 and 9.

Black candles- are used to fight evil, provide protection, absorb or remove, unblock, binding, banishing, reversing curses and hexes, uncrossing rituals, absorbing or destroying negative energies, repelling black magick, protection from illness or evil, removing confusion, ridding of bad habits, healing discord, shapeshifting, and meditation rituals, also associated with grey or darker magickal workings, it can be used to curse, hex, or jinx, it can be used for positive rites as well, for example – absorb illness and stop a bad habit, opens the subconscious mind, deeper meditative state, bind bad or negativity, absorbs all colors, used to absorb/banish negativity, strengthens inner strength, self-control, used in meditation to dig deeper into the unconscious, burn a black candle for strong healing, support through loss and grief. The burning of a black candle is not for the faint of heart, gives protection from illness, evil, removes negative energy cast upon you from outside forces, burned to capture healing energies of the universe, Black is the strongest of all colors, it absorbs light, black reflects very little, if any, gives the false impression that black is the absence of color, it is the absence of color reflection, it absorbs all light with little or no reflection given out, if used correctly, it can be one of the most useful and powerful colors, if used incorrectly, it can cause serious damage, black candles are used to absorb, and remove anything or to end something or to even manifest a desire, Black also represents the Crone of the Triple Goddess, it is ruled by Saturn, massive strength in all forms of banishing magickal rites, removing, or getting rid of sorrows, toxic relationships, acknowledging grief, and for rituals of parting. Black, and brown, are acceptance colors, containing both male and female energies. Rituals using these color candles are best worked on a Saturday, You should not use black candles if you consider them evil or dangerous. Black candles contain enormous power and can be used in magic where you are attempting to discover a secret or you are trying to determine the truth about something, they should not be used by children or by people who are emotionally drained. This is because black contains powerful energies that need to be handled carefully. A black candle exorcises evil spirits, cures severe diseases, absorbs and destroys negative energy, eliminates obstacles, it is used for deep states of meditation and it opens up the subconsciousness, used to banish evil or ward off negativity, it is used in uncrossing rituals and initiated in destructive magickal rites as well. Black is used in Sorcery and darker rites relating Saturnian energies, represents foreboding, fortitude, consistency, black is used as a protection color for magickal tools, rites of destruction are used in slower destruction of enemies, as opposed to accidents or sudden attacks associated with the color red, great for discord and confusing enemies, used for protection, binding negative forces, and breaking up obstacles and blocks, used to reverse and break up negative thoughts, absorbs, conceals, creates chaos, gaining knowledge of hidden things. Saturn rules black and used for retribution and when stabbed in the back–retaliation, . Be careful, you might want to punish someone immediately with a hex and make them suffer, it encourages self-control, endurance, as well as patience. Spells using black energy are best performed during a waning Moon, on a Saturday when Saturn is in waxing, use a jet obsidian, tourmaline, or onyx. Planet- Saturn, Saturn Symbol, Day- Saturday, Chakra-Root, Astrological Sign- Capricorn, Capricorn Symbol, co-ruler in Aquarius, Aquarius Symbol, and the numbers 8 and 13.

Lavender – peace, gentleness, calmness, tranquility, protection spiritual, consecrate/bless, inner healing, growth, insight, introspection, marriage, the underworld, divination, dreamwork, psychic ability, intuition, paranormal, sensitivity, dignity, and spiritual shields, softer side to purple, softer than violet but with a touch of pink, manifestation, selflessness, spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, spiritual assistance, calming, Planets- Neptune, Neptune Symbol, Venus, Venus Symbol, Day- Friday, Chakra- Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Astrological Sign: Libra, Libra Symbol, Pisces, Pisces Symbol.

Brown – balance, grounding, home stability, nurturing, Earth magick, animal magick, home magick, friendships, agriculture, travel, increase, material gain, healing, longevity, beginnings, rebirth/renewal, Earth, represents the element of Earth, comforting, nurturing, fertile, stable, holds a grounding balance, connection to the land, intuition, psychic powers, ESP, telepathic abilities, survival, learn to ground, center your consciousness, connection with nature and the surrounding world, Earth’s energy, the color of soil, feminine, related to its sisters the Moon and Saturn, use on Monday, Friday, or Saturday. Foot chakra helps pass the Divine Energy to Mother Earth, which makes grounding powerful, it helps pass energy to all the chakras, as the energy is received from Earth. Since brown candles are associated with the Earth, they are used for spells regarding security, property, and real estate and the protection and balancing of a home, used to attract the Earth Spirits, reliable, conservative, unchanging, stubborn, obliging, should be used if your magick is connected with real estate, protect animals, pets, familiars, heal animals, brown Wizards usually work in pet stores, animal hospitals, animal shelters, zoos, park rangers, and wildlife rescuers, always surrounded by critters – pets, farm animals, wild creatures, and animal companions, communicating with nature spirits, grounding, centering your self, in black magick, brown is used for inciting indecision, hesitancy, sadness, dullness, uncertainty, feet chakras are used. Energy should be absorbed from the earth through the feet of chakras. Planets- Earth, Earth Symbol, feminine, Saturn, Saturn Symbol, masculine, dark brown, Pluto, Pluto Symbol, Day- Saturday, Chakra- Feet, Sacral, Solar Plexus, yellow-brown,
Astrological Sign- Capricorn, Capricorn Symbol, Gemini, Gemini, Symbol, Libra, Libra Symbol, Virgo, Virgo Symbol dark brown, Scorpio, Scorpio Symbol (reddish-brown), and the numbers 4 and 8.

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