Obsidian is a very pretty stone that doesn’t seem to ever lose its shine. Unfortunately, the Obsidian isn’t a stone or a crystal. This is formed by hot molten lava from the volcanic eruptions and was hit with a hard fast cooling point. Once this is done, the lava hardens into a big chunk of glass and is offered in many colors. The other colors offered are black- powerful, creative, protection stone that helps you to get to know yourself better. Blue- divination, telepathic, helps people to cope better with mental health problems. Green- opens up the throat and heart chakras, allows you to be able to speak on matters of the heart.

Mahogany- same as black obsidian just a lot easier going or softer and more delicate. Rainbow- brings about spiritual nature and a strong protector. Red/black- brings vitality. Silver- strengthens meditation practices. Snowflake- this one will help to stabilize energies, is great for calming any fears you hold on to mostly in abusive situations. Gold sheen- solar plexus chakras, clear and purify energy fields of negativity, clears negative emotions when someone is abusing their authority. To make positive use of power by aligning their energy with the Divine or Higher-will and enhancing your power to manifest reality. This will give you an idea of what obsidian will be best for your self or as a gift for a friend or loved one.

This glass stone is a very strong truth enhancing element. It will “make!” secrets come to light. HaHa, beware. The black obsidian will also get you to reflect upon yourself and will give growth to one mentally, and spiritually. Since this is a protective stone. It will block any negative energies sent your way. The obsidian stone is the strongest one out of all the others listed. It is known as the teacher stone, so it would be a good one to gift your children with when they are at the start of their spiritual paths as well.

The black obsidian also will make the deepest hidden mind thoughts come to the surface. Makes any unresolved issues become evaluated. It evaluates attitudes in spiritual growths, protects against psychic attacks, protects from abuse, and is used in protective rituals. It is used in manifestation workings, used in grounding, helps to deal with buried issues, centering, scrying, extend divination, and helps in meditation.

Some of the medicinal uses are that it helps to ease joint pain, helps with detox, aids in digestion, and eases cramping. It physically helps the stomach, intestines, muscle tissues, and also rids a person from viral and bacterial infections. It sharpens the internal and external vision.

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