Zeus is better known as the famous Greek god of thunder and lightning. The best way to learn about Greek mythology is by getting to know Zeus, the almighty king of all Greek gods. The pantheons are twelve Greek gods that come together to live on M. Olympus. Pantheons mean twelve Greek Gods.
One of the myths says that these twelve Greek gods were always arguing amongst one another and also would torment one another. These twelve could never get along or find common neutral ground. The soul argument between all these gods was because they just couldn’t stop interfering in mortals. The eleven other gods that lived on Mount Olympus were Athena- who has been covered. Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaestus, Apollo, Hera, Demeter, and Artemius.

There is one on this list missing. There are various myths about this infamous twelve seater. some stories tell of it being Hades, others tell of it being Hestia. I suppose its duck goose on this last god/dess that would sit in.
Zeus is listed as the “Father of all men” as well as the God and ruler of all the Olympian Gods. Yes, known for a quick temper and would throw around the actions of the sky such as thunder and lightning bolts when he would fly off the handle. He would also be called the God of hospitality and fairness if a guest was to come and settle a bit.

Zeus didn’t like liars, thieves, ones who broke vows or were dishonest about anything that was traded in the market, he would surely tell them about their selves and would have a hard time getting back in good standings with Zeus. He would surely give them a run for their money if they wanted to get right with him. Although there is a myth about him having an affair with Lo, who could be the mother of the son who split his head open to rid him of a horrible migraine for him to bare Athena. so as we can see here he wasn’t so innocent himself. Zeus had many other responsibilities.
Zeus’s name means shinning from the Indo-European roots. Which fits him well as “God of the sky”. Zeus in Latin translates to Deus, in English, it lives in the Deity roll and divinity.
Zeus’s father was Cronus, God of time and his mother was Rhea, Goddess of female fertility. Cronus ate all his children before Zeus was born because he received a prophecy that Zeus would be a very powerful god. Cronus wasn’t sure which one of his children would overtake him so he ate them. yes, Just like Zeus ate his wife, Mother of Athena. as we sit here we now see where Zeus got the bright idea to eat folks haha. Rhea on the other hand was fed up with Cronus eating up all her children and put a big stone in baby clothing and fed the stone to Cronus in place of Cronus eating Zeus.
Zeus was in exile when he was growing up to be protected from his father. When he came into adulthood, he went to find his father and confront him on why his siblings were eaten. Zeus’s grandmother Gaia goddess of earth gave him a potion to feed Cronus. This potion made Cronus throw up his siblings. All the kids fought Cronus and put an end to their father.

This here tells a little about Zeus being born, who his parents were, how he comes about, and where he spent his life, and how up on Mount Olympus.

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