The Viking gods hold many names with many meanings. Odin, not only with many characteristics, held many titles. He is the Viking god of war, knowledge, death, kingship, sorcery, king of Aesir, and Norse god. Earth’s people refer to him and worship him as the god of wisdom. He was also known as the top god of nine realms and eventually appreciated peace. Odin contradicts himself often with several things, one being that he shows aspects of feminine elements. He was banished for participation in feministic magickal workings in Asgard. Jalkr refers to the Seidr and questions Odins’ manhood. He was also known by Alfadir meaning all fathers. The family tree throughout Norse history shows a history of incest. There were lots of gods bore of situations like this. Odin being a Norse god sits at the top of their family tree.
He is viewed as a bloodthirsty animal. He lusts after the war and desires victory for self-gain. He has turned peaceful people violent and vengeful animals themselves. He feels at home with savaged animals. They make him feel more powerful and aggressive for war. His son Loki is the same way. Thor is known as a shapeshifter.
Odin is related to the god Woodan, a German god. Odin can be found in the town of Asgard, which is the town of the gods and known as a super deity of them all in absolute. He is also known as a shapeshifter, a mentor of all the new young heroes, and a protector. He has three children and the husband of Frigg.
Odin is known as a one-eyed shapeshifting old man. He is seen in sculpture and historical paintings with two ravens on his shoulders. Their names were Hugin and Munin. He is also shown as a one-eyed old man with a pack of wolves and ridding an eight-legged horse. When he comes to someone, he shows himself to them in a dream.
The nine realms he rules over will be discussed further at a later time:
Asgard * Alfheim * Midgard
Jotunheim * Nidavellir * Hel
Muspecheim *Muspecheim *Nidvaellirs/Svartalfheim
These Norse world realms are held in the roots and branches of the tree of life. Latter on Odin started joining some of these worlds together to make one. These realms are homes of the gods, goddesses, and giants.

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