This article was a personal request. I dedicate this article to Maurizio Kelly.

When I do any casting rites, I have always used all of my tools. I use herbs, crystals, incense, candles, and one crystal, in particular, my Selenite wand. As I go through the article, I will touch on the needed herbs, crystals, incense, and candles, for this type of spell rite. In the end, I will add one of the special spells that I wrote for justice and court cases.

When I started learning stuff for the craft and rites workings, a family member had been in trouble with the law off and on for minor, stupid things for a few years. The last case that he got into, he legitimately should not have gone to jail for. He was not the aggressor this time. He was just trying to defend himself. I started looking and searching for the items needed for the spell that I already had on hand for the court case he was up against. He ended up getting violated unjustly on his probation. I became fed up and decided to take action.

The first thing I did was started looking for the candle that would be needed for his court case. The reason I wanted to create the candle myself is that anything created by your own hands for either your Altar or for rites’ workings holds a lot more strength, power, and/or energy. The more you can make by hand, the more it is guaranteed to produce faster and stronger results. I started researching the properties of the red and yellow candles and then the gained properties for the orange candle. Then I got busy melting down candles. While the candles were melting down, I started researching herbs and spices.

When making an orange candle, it is a combination of red and yellow candles. Yellow holds the property of mental agility and red holds the property of actionable energy. The properties of the orange candle are energy, prosperity, action, sudden changes, energy stimulation, gaining control, changing luck, inciting justice, courage, confidence, self-esteem, power, success, fertility- (due to the red candle), matters of the law, justice, legal cases, warmth, spiritual, personal strength, authority, alertness, and balancing element. It is also a solar color and the representation of the Libras justice scales. It cleanses negative attitudes, promotes emotional healing, draws good things in life, takes action, helps reach goals, brings happiness, inspires emotional healing, alleviates fear and worries, communication, instant change, male by nature, male energies, and the sacral root.

There are three steps in making the candle alone. Orange represents justice and court cases. Orange candles can be found but most are scented. With having to add herbs to the candle, you dont want to purchase a scented candle. With this being said, I buy the $1.50 candles, the wax, and wax dye, or I will buy the orange wax and melt it down and get some wicks.

Other times, I will melt down red and yellow wax to create orange candles. Due to them being in their jars already, I can make one and a half of an orange candle. Then put the remaining wax in an old coffee container for later use. Since no rites have been incorporated into any of the wax, it is safe for the remaining wax to be kept. As the wax is melting down, I start gathering up my herbs and start powdering them up so they are ready to mix into the candle wax.

Once the candles are melted down completely, use a medicine plunger to transfer the wax into a new jar. I mix one plunger of red and one and a half to two plungers of yellow to have a nice bright orange mixture. Then put three teaspoons of powdered herbs into the candle jar that holds a measurement of one and a half cups. Keep mixing the wax as you fill the glass jar to get the powdered herbs mixed into the candle evenly throughout the jar. While the candle wax is still liquid, tie one end of thread onto the top of the wick. Then tie the other end of the thread onto the center of a pencil. Wrap the thread around the pencil till the wick is set in the center and held up straight. Once the candle hardens completely, there will be an indention in the center which is called an air pocket. Use your blow dryer, on high heat, and melt the wax at the top of the candle. It will fill in the air pocket. Once again, let the candle harden up at the top again. At this point, your candle is completed and ready.

Next, if you are into sigils, draw some on the glass jar and go over it with dragons blood oil, put it in the sun, or place it under the moon to charge the sigils. Another idea is to put the candle in a bag, get a solid size rock, tap the glass till it cracks, and take the glass off the candle very carefully so you dont cut yourself. Get a thumbtack or a nail, if you have to, borrow a nail from out of the wall behind a picture. Then use the thumbtack or nail to engrave the sigils into the wax. Since the candle was melted down, the air bubbles were taken out of it and the surface should be smooth for drawing sigils. Then rub some dragons blood oil on your hands and rub it onto the candle. I also draw a pentagram on the top and bottom of the candle so the wick is in the very center of the pentagram. I do this for marking the candle with added witchy energy.

You then want to gather up all the crystals you will need for justice, court cases, protection, to lead up to victory in the outcome of your rites. Once all of this is done, the final thing to do is to write out your spell from your thoughts and desired results. If you chose to, you can revise a spell found online but you may not get the same desired results. There is a chance your results will not be as strong or come as fast. I also recommend being precise about the desired request.

When I call upon the gods, I call the god/dess or deity I need to work with and I also call upon Awen, which is the spirit of the universe. Awen adds a lot of energy and power to the workings as it gets sent out and carried out through the openings of the universe and the open space of the sky with the assistance of other spirits to carry it out.

Before I do any spell rites, I do meditation works as to my desired results and listen to the Awen chant to help open up the universe and to call upon Awen for assistance. I use the extra powdered herbs, that I did not add to my candle, to burn on a charcoal disc during the start of my rites. Then I go around the perimeter of my home saying a protection spell to block any evil or negativity from crossing the thresh hold of my home while sprinkling witches protection salt. Then I come inside and sprinkle more witches protection salt at the inside of the door thresh hold. I cast a circle of protection around my family if they are here and my daughter while she is asleep.

I get a small plate or saucer and put out an offering of equal exchange, such as some sweet foods, an alcoholic beverage, milk mixed with honey, bread and honey garlic cloves, rose petals, peanut butter, and jams, and/or fresh fruit. I dont believe in the law of three or the ten-fold regulation. I then go back to my Altar and cast a circle of protection with witches salt and my Selenite wand. I then kneel in respect and appreciation to the gods and/or goddesses I am calling upon for help. I say what has happened and verbally request their aid and assistance in carrying out these rites and start lighting my incense. Once this is finished, I start saying my spell and light my spell candle. I also burn a black candle and a white candle at the same time.

The reason for adding the black and white candles is because they hold properties the spell candle doesn’t. When this is done, all your properties are covered.

Black represents – Banishing, removing negativity, binding, safety, protection, pride, shape-shifting, grounding, learning, indexing, scrying, hexing, defense.

White represents – Purity, protection, moon, transformation, peace, healing, innocence, divination, all-purpose, unity, cleansing, balance, spirituality, aura, truth, loyalty, concentration, strength, higher self, and substitution.

Orange candle – Holds the property of justice, deals with court cases, and evens the judgment of injustice. The candle holds the property of success. That is what you want with your casting. It is male by nature. Anything male by nature holds a hard, solid, abrupt hit. This means the spell rites will take effect immediately and fast. After all, if you’re coming to the Altar for criminal issues, court cases, and justice, you want something with strength and intense results.

Selenite – Grounding the mind and body, communication, connections, cleansing, love, vibrations, calming, meditation, spiritual, honesty, expand horizons and awareness, past lives, judgment, spiritual insights, spiritual work, in-depth expansions, auras, crown, and heart chakras, use it with moonstones and light meditations, divination work, telepathic works, balance, healing, flexibility, alignment of the spine, and neutralizes mercury. It cleanses the emotional, energetic, leftovers that just sit there and create negativity. Selenite has some of the most powerful energies on the planet. It helps open places in your mind you have never had a connection with before. It is always cleansing its self. It never has to be charged because of all the natural energy flow and vibration. It cleanses other crystals, the body of the owner, and a never-ending energy flow. (A separate article of its own.)

Hematite – For legal matters brings positive results for judgment and is a protective stone during difficult times.

Citrine – Used to give confidence and optimism. Carry them on you during the time of your legal issues and court case appointments.

The herbs listed hold a lot more properties than what is here. I documented the properties for the court case and justice.

Here is a list of some of the herbs you can incorporate into your justice/court case rites by mixing into your candle as you are making it and also keeping a little extra to burn on charcoal did for incense. Use a Myhhr incense stick for added power.

Acacia – Burn for altar offering, aids in psychic powers, and meditation.

Agrimony – Protection, return spells to their sender, and promotes sleep.

Angelica – Sprinkle around the house to ward off negativity, protection, and divination.

Anise – Purification, protection, and entices spirits to aid in spells.

Acorn – Good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power.

Ash – Wands, protection, leaves for prophetic dreams, and prosperity.

Banana – Fertility, prosperity, and Altar offering for the gods.

Basil – Protection, wealth, love, and repels negativity.

Bergamot – Success.

Betony – Purification, protection, to be rid of nightmares, and psychic powers.

Birch – Protection, purification, and wards off negativity.

Blackberry – Protection, health, and prosperity.

Borage – Tea aids psychic powers. Carry leaves for protection.

Broom – Purification. Hang in doorways for protection.

Black Walnut – Access to divine energy, bringing the blessing of the gods, and wishes.

Burdock – Wards off negativity, purifies, and protects.

Buckthorn – Used as a luck generator in legal matters and for winning in court. Put Buckthorn branches near doors or windows to ward off evil and negative vibes. To make a wish, stand in an open area facing east and concentrate on your wish. Turn to your left until you are facing east again steadily sprinkling buckthorn bark powder or a potion made with buckthorn bark, as you turn. Make sure it is completely dried out and powder it up. Buckthorn is also Called, Arrowwood, Black Dogwood, Black Alder Dogwood, Black Alder Tree, Persian Berries.

Calendula Flowers – Protection, legal matters, and carry to help justice favor you in court. It is also known as Marigold, Summer’s Bride, Bride of the Sun, Sun’s Gold, Ruddes, Ruddles.

Carnation – Protection and goddess offering for the Altar.

Cascara Sagrada – In legal matters, sprinkle an infusion of the herb around the home the night before court proceedings to help you win your case. It is also known as Cascara Sagada, Sacred Bark, Purshiana Bark, Persian Bark, Chittem Bark, Bearberry.

Celandine – Cures depression, brings victory and joy, and assists in legal matters. It serves as a protective ward when worn. It is a deadly poison. Use with caution. It is also called Devil’s Milk

Cinnamon – Protection, success, burn for spiritual and psychic powers.

Cinquefoil – Protection, purification, prosperity, and divination dreams.

Fennel – Sacred to the Gods, hungover doorways at Litha, and protection.

Fern – Burn outside for rain and burn inside for protection.

Frankincense – Power, blessing, meditation, and protection.

Furze – Burn at Ostra and preparation for conflict.

Garlic – Protection, Sacred to Hekate, and the flowers are used as altar offering.

Galangal Root – Magickal uses include winning in court. Carry it with you to court to make the judge or jury feel favorably inclined toward you. Burn it vigilantly for fourteen days before a court case, saving the ashes, and bringing them to court in a green flannel bag for luck. Also known as Lo John, Low John, Lo John the Conqueror, Lesser Galangal, Galanga, Colic Root, Garnaut, Catarrh Root, India Root, China Root.

Ginger – Success and love.

Hawthorn – Protection, powerful wands, and fertility magick.

Hazel – Used for wands, healing, protection, and luck. string the nuts in the house, or ritual room to invite plant fairies for assistance.

Heather – (White) – protection.

Lovage – Add an infusion of lovage to the bath immediately before attending court to help bring victory

Marigold – provides good luck in court and other legal matters. Great for bath spells. Also called Bride of the Sun.

I am going to go ahead and stop the list of herbs here. The rest I have available to put down are repeating on protection, and purity, and altar god/dess offerings, but you can see the number of herbs alone for protection is endless.

I hope this gives a great amount of help to those of you fighting any court cases. If it is a civil suit, use what’s here and add a green wealth candle to the orange, black and white candles.

The spell that is added to this article is the one I used for my family member. He was looking at getting twenty years in prison. He was released from the county jail, reinstated on probation, and received a new probation officer. They lowered his fines from sixty-five dollars a month to thirty dollars a month, gave him less community service time, and approved him to reside at a new address. The old probation officer was placed under investigation by the O.I.G. (Office of Internal General) and the Ombudsman is being informed of her work actions and behaviors.

Not all spells have to rhyme. Your intentional casting won’t always have rhyming words to fit the rite’s workings.

God and Goddess hear my call.
Tip the scales of justice now, as (NAME) has been unjustly accused and treated unfairly.
Right the wrongs that have been done. I avenge the courts for wrongful injustice.
I call upon you now my Lord and Lady, just the unjust, avenge my wrongful detainment.
Return the injustice back to who sent and caused this.
The time has come to collect the past due debt. Debt, as they all
forget their wrongful actions way too early.  Works and debts, do not let them get away debt-free.
Bring light forth from what they did in the dark and expose them where they hide. What happens at night will come to light.
Show the unjust mercy and free the injustice. Right the wrong and give too all that’s right and due.

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