This crystal represents grounding, communication, connections, cleansing, love, vibrations, calming, meditation, spiritual, honesty, expand horizons and awareness, past lives, judgment, spiritual insights, spiritual work, in-depth expansions, auras, chakras, use it with moonstones and light meditations, divination work, telepathic works, gridding, balance, healing, flexibility, alignment of the spine, and neutralizes mercury.

Selenite is named after a Greek goddess, Selene. She is one of the moon goddess’s. It is in the gypsum family and is colorless, but with a white appearance. It gives off the appearance of the moon if in an oval shape and the light hits it, the light radiates through the Selenite, the same glow shines through the crystal that the moon puts out. When this crystal is put under pressure it bends in the direction of the pressure.

 The selenite is a magnificent piece to have in the home.  It is great for the crown and heart chakra. Selenite cleanses the emotional, energetic, leftovers that just sit there and create negativity. Selenite has some of the most powerful energies on the planet. With the help of this crystal, you can reach deeper levels, feel more, and see things that you never have before, or ever thought you would. So be prepared, be warned, or even just ready. This is an absolute tool. The Selenite tool will allow you to use the highest chakra, it will help you to ground your entire body, not just your mind. This will help open places in your mind you have never had a connection with before. 

This has high vibrations, not the same vibrations as others around you and the earth vibrations but the calming, relaxing vibrations you would get from hearing the selenite humming bowl. The nice thing about Selenite is it is a sunstone. This crystal has so much energy flowing through it and is always cleansing its self,  It never has to be charged because of all the natural energy flow and vibration it holds. The Selenite cleanses other crystals and even the body of the owner. This beautiful crystal has a never-ending energy flow. As long as it sits on your Altar top, it will cleanse and charge everything placed on the Altar top. 

Selenite is a soft stone, keep it dry, if it gets wet it will break down very easily. If for some reason you need a piece cut off the selenite crystal, it is best to let an experienced stone cutter do it. The reason for this is because the crystal is so soft that when the crystal is cut into, it tends to put off a soft powdery dust. This dust is toxic to the human body. When you handle it, immediately wash your hands because there are tiny Selenite fibers that can get into your lungs or eyes. If it gets in your lungs, it will cause internal bleeding and cause you to lose eyesight or cause a major eye infection. As long as you wash your hands, you will be fine.

Selenite is feminine by nature and ruled by the moon, and cancer zodiac. She is known by several names, satin, saar, gypsum flower, the stone of light body, and desert rose. Her element is water. Her chakra is crown, third eye, and heart,

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