This article was a personal request from an individual in the past. Nanna is a confusing God in my opinion but enjoy the read. If you have any questions feel free to post in the comments.

The symbol of the moon gods was a bull. The horns represented the crescent moons, and the bull’s face was the full moon. The bull’s face leads the people to believe that the moon god was a cow herder.
The history and beliefs of the Sumerian Gods were kept quiet. Nanna married and had Utu, the sun god, and would rise in the east and set in the west.
Ther are a variety of stories and information on Nanna. One of the others talks about how she’s the deity of two others. The second son of Nanna is Nusku, and Nanna was also associated with Baldar. When Baldar dies, she mourns his death to the point of dying herself out of grief. They were both put in a ship that was too large for anyone to push out to sea. The townspeople got the biggest god they could find, they set the ship on fire, and the god pushed the ship out to sea. I believe this took place in Hawaii somewhere. In Hawaii, if one passes, they put certain belongings and ritual foods in a ship and send it out to sea on fire to release the one-loss spirit and honor them.
Another part of the mythological history of Nanna is she is the daughter of Enki, who is the god of wisdom. She was the ruling deity of the city of Uruk, A city in Mesopotamia. They had a reed tied to a stalk, and this is how they represented her.
She was the protector of the kings, was in support of many battles, as well as political issues. During these times she had many temples in this city, she also had a Mesopotamia called the god of wisdom or Inanna and a Hulluppy tree. She played a key role and brought knowledge to the Uruk. The dating of Innana and Dumu and the history of their marriage is in a poem dedicated and written from the sixteen hundreds to the nineteen hundreds. During those times, she traveled to the underworld. People sang many hymns in honor of her.
When Innana and Ishtar were to enter the underworld, they had to enter completely naked, including no personal items on their body. Every gatekeeper they encountered at each of the gates would have to submit a piece of material they had on from jewelry to clothing or shoes till entirely nude. This gave up a piece of them and the civilization they were once a part of, considered an element of physical realms and the 7 chakras of the body. Ishtar and Inanna had a difficult time handling these things over as these items were a representation of their lovers as a gift.

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