Note: I need to make sure everyone knows that I am not a doctor or a medical representative of any kind. I suggest you call or go to your doctor before using any of the herbs in a book for medicinal purposes of any kind. I take no responsibility for how you use the herbs listed in my book.

Hello, all my beautiful witches. I want to introduce myself. My name is Lynn Reed, and I am the author of “A Witches Eternal Herbal Academy.” This book focuses on herbs and how to use them in spells.

I enjoy helping others learn more about the tools to strengthen their knowledge of the magickal and powerful herbs we all love to incorporate into our spells and everyday magickal uses. 

I am a hereditary witch, and my heritage consists of Native American Indian Chippawa and Irish. I am a mother and a crone with lots of experience and knowledge. I am also a spell caster and a tarot card reader. In addition, I make homemade candles for spells and homemade magickal hand sanitizers. 

I am very knowledgeable about witchcraft. I am mentoring several other new witches, including family members and crone witches too. 

I run two Facebook groups:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/642589573278099/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/206646514458352/ 

Plus, an online websites: Http://dragonsbloodcom.wordpress.com.

My book contains the following information for each herb: 

  1. General information
  2. Names the herbs are known by 
  3. Origins
  4. History
  5. Horticulture aspects
  6. Culinary uses 
  7. Medicinal uses
  8. Magickal purposes
  9. A spell
  10. Elements 

So sit back, settle in with a good mint and chamomile tea, add a little honey and lemon, and be prepared to be swept off your feet. This book is definitely well worth your time. 

With my experience in life, we need to work towards going back to ancient times and learn about the herbs that grow wild out in the forest. But, unfortunately, with the way things are going with civilization, we eventually may have to go back to our ancestors’ old ways of hunting, picking herbs, and pulling roots from the forest ground. The herbs are known by one name and have a second name that is more common. 

No matter what type of rites practitioner you are, a witch’s herbal garden can sometimes be challenging to grow but fun and relaxing. A witch’s garden or any rites practitioner’s garden can be a powerful or vitalizing part of any rite’s worker and their particular path. Anything made or done with your own hands, from writing your spells to cultivating and harvesting your ingredients from the ground, rather it is pruning trees or trimming herb plants. There is a stronger intention since you have put in your energy, intentions, time, love, and communication with them, watering them and providing plant food fortified with iron while caring and nurturing them. 

Furthermore, what comes from within while incorporating the items with the same properties as your intentions, you will have more potent and better results in your spells. As you care for each plant throughout its growth, you create a bond with them and learn what they like and what the plant needs. They are seedlings in their shells until they have reached adult stages and are ready to be harvested. They will create lots of power, strength, and focus for your rites and spells as they are carried out. 

As time goes by, this will strengthen your skills and enhance your knowledge. Your skills, in time, will also expand and broaden. It will help build your confidence in time, as you see more robust and faster results. Your confidence will blossom and flourish with all of this happening in your path and magickal rites taking place. It is discussed in many conversations of rites workings on how the spirits also play a vital role in the spell castings taking place.

 For instance, my son never knew that I was a witch until recently. He was present when there was a spell cast with me assisting his wife. He said the hair stood up on his whole body. The hair stood up on his neck because of the calling upon the spirits and providing everything they enjoy with my spells simultaneously in equal exchange and trying to help keep spiritual balance in the universe. 

The herbal plants you use in your rites and spells also hold a spirit. When performing spells, the plant’s spirit is also involved in the workings. It would be best if you allowed yourself to open up to this. While you were caring for the plants, their spirits got to know you. As long as you open up to that, they are aware of your presence. The garden or even a forest is the most incredible place to do this. As you honor them, they learn about you just as you have learned about them.

Stay tuned to my Youtube channel coming out soon to help all of you newbie witches and even some of my admired Crones to learn even more. Just know, as my profile says, I am a hereditary, grey herbalist witch. I do all sorts of magickal working, from healings, blessings, etc., to curses, hexes, and revenge. Nothing too big or small. 

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