When the coffee came, it came to stay and completely floored people of many cultures. The fantastic aroma, flavor, and energy that infuses within everyone shocked the world. Coffee is excellent for various things, culinary, magickal, medicinal, gardens-horticulture, and drinks. 


Some of the names coffee is known by are Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora, and satans drink.


Coffee is grown around the world and can trace its heritage back centuries to the ancient coffee forests in Ethiopia. A legendary goat herder, Kaldi, found the potential of coffee beans. Kaldi saw the coffee beans after eating the berries from a particular tree. His goats were eating the coffee beans and became so energetic they would not sleep that night. 

Kaldi told his situation to the abbot of a local monastery. This abbot would make a drink with the berries and realized it kept him energetic and focused through many hours of evening prayer. The abbot shared his drink with other monks, and word of mouth started spreading throughout the town about the energizing berries. As word spread east and coffee reached Arabia, a journey began to bring these beans worldwide.


Planting coffee seeds is from June through December. As seedlings and young plants, they need shade, and they are planted on slopes. They enjoy lots of water, but the soil has to remain moist, not soggy. The best way for this is to plant the coffee plant on a slope. They need hot, humid weather but not direct sun. Next, the farmers prune the plants as they grow to keep them short and easy to handle during cultivation. Once they are harvested, they are sat out in the sun to dry, and then the white skin covering the bean is removed. The last step is putting the beans in an oven for roasting. That is when they get their dark brown and black colors.   


There are bakeries throughout the world that use coffee in their baking goods, from bread, cakes, pies to even decorations on the top of bread pudding dessert with raisins. The coffee is used in braised meats while it is cooking. As the liquid cooks down, it will caramelize and become a bittersweet flavor to the meats, marinades, syrups, gravy, and barbeque sauces. Next, add some powdered espresso to the toppings of your dessert. It is potent, so only use to flavor. Next, you can mix espresso with paprika, brown sugar, heavy whipping cream, and egg whites to make an espresso meringue.   


When someone has any problems going to the restroom, about two cups of coffee will help them have a bowel movement. For some people with ADHD, if they drink caffeinated coffee, it has an adverse effect on them. However, it will help them calm down. It is not a good thing to drink coffee while you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding because coffee is a natural diuretic. I suggest talking to your doctor about anything with caffeine since it is a diuretic. If you are dehydrated, do not drink coffee; it will release more fluid from your body. When you are pregnant, you need the extra fluids. Coffee assists in protecting against liver cancer and liver disease. Coffee is also an antidepressant through aromatherapy and helps to protect against type two diabetes. 


Coffee is good for blockages, creativity, energy, scrying, spells, hexing, jinxing, cursing, and making witches’ black salt. Bathe with a coffee scrub in a coffee bath. Drink a coffee potion to remove energy blockages in your life, aura, body and empower your chakras. Place a coffee bean on your chest to add power to your chakra.

 Cleanse with coffee, brew coffee, or add coffee to your spells to break a curse. Make a floor wash with a cup of coffee to cleanse your home. You can also brew some coffee without straining your grounds out. Then ask a simple question, drink your coffee, and read the coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup like a tea leaf reading. Drink your coffee brewed with cinnamon and nutmeg. Breathe the scent of coffee to boost your energy. Grab a jar with a good lid and add some fresh coffee beans to it. When you feel a little down, breathe in the coffee aroma from your little personalized jar of coffee. You can also add coffee to your spells to break a curse and help them manifest better, faster, and more potent. Light a coffee-scented candle, or enjoy some coffee aromatherapy to increase romance and help with depression. Make a sachet filled with ground coffee beans and pieces of rosemary leaves and use it as a pillow to help remove nightmares. When you have mental or emotional blockages, brew a hot pot of coffee. Add some cinnamon and pumpkin spice with a bit of sweetener and take in the aroma as you get ready for a sip of that lovely hot coffee. You will start immediately feeling the warmth, comfort, and relaxation take hold of you. By the time you have completed your cup, you will feel the energy that has filled you to the brim take over before you know it. I, as an author, personally start my morning with a cup of hot coffee and burn some white sage nearby, open up my laptop and log in. The comforting feeling is lovely, and I mentally and emotionally feel great by the time I am finished with my first cup. I also have a nice calming burst of energy to complete my morning tasks and focus exceptionally well. Before I know it, I have completed and published two or three articles for you.

You will suddenly have the clarity to start your tasks and where to begin those tasks. So toss in a bay leaf and awaken that wonderful inspiration. Have you ever thought about coffee scrying? No? Well, you might. It has become a new trend now in the twenty-first century. If you do not have an obsidian mirror or scrying cloth, brew a hot pot of coffee, run it through three or four times. The darker and thicker the coffee is, the stronger it becomes and the clearer your response. Then hold your pendulum over a bowl of coffee, let your eyes zone out until your vision becomes blurry, and then scry away for your answers. 

Make good use of old used coffee grounds if you have a spell that does not seem to be working. Sprinkle some coffee grounds around your spell and say your spell one more time. It will help throw it into overdrive and light a fire under it into high gear. Adding coffee to your spells will help them manifest better and stronger. For example, if you are doing one of your floor rituals, sweep, mop, dry the floor up well, sprinkle some coffee grounds around your work area, or grab some coffee beans and toss them about the area. If you are doing some spell casting, meditation, or cleansing and blessing your altar, add some coffee grounds or coffee beans to it. Sprinkling coffee on the altar will add energy for breaking through a mental blockage for meditation and open up your writer’s block. If you are having problems with an individual, keep some spare coffee grounds on hand, and brew up a pot of coffee. It will open up the crown and throat chakras so you can find the correct words to use to communicate the problem with your friend and resolve the issue with them. 

When casting a hex or curse, coffee grounds are used in witches’ black cursing powder. You mix dried used coffee grounds, cast-iron shavings, powdered black walnut leaves, black burned charcoal, and some ground-up sulfur. Throw that around your spell, whether it is a curse jar or a cauldron of mixed herbs that are burning as incense with the hexing powder. Next, you can get a send jar and make some chaos water. Add the hexing/cursing powder to the chaos water and throw the hex/curse into high speed. What is black chaos water, you ask? Black chaos water is solid and robust but nasty water. It stinks like crazy, and the war water will hiss when the lid is removed from the jar if it is made correctly. It creates a highly disgruntled situation between your target and their friends and or family. It creates terrible luck and makes for a horrible day, week, month, or however long you create the spell to last. This mix can make anything go bad and flat-out wrong. Trust me; I’ve used it once before. 


You need the dried ground used coffee, cast-iron shavings, sulfur, tobacco, ground black walnut leaves, and a good glass jar with a lid to mix it up. You also need a black, red, and white candle, and something to light the candles with. If you have a blender, add the dry mixture to the blender and grind it into powder. If not, it is acceptable to use as it is. ( Be warned, these rites are very potent, as I have used it myself, when you do the spell, document what you want to happen and be very clear and very precise as to what you want to happen) 


I call forth Hades and Thanatos to join me in this casting. I send this curse to (NAME). They spoke of doing physical and mental damage to me. I send this curse to (NAME) For wanting to harm my family and me physically. I send this curse to (NAME) for verbally slandering me and making false claims on my family. I cast this curse on (NAME) for doing wrong to the family. (NAME) has attempted to cause bodily harm by trying to set the home on fire. I call down Thanatos and Hades to come to make a mockery of (NAME) and the click. I call my Mother, Hekate, to initiate revenge on the(se) people/ person. I call upon Hekate to open the blind eye of all to see clearly what she’s been doing to (NAMES) the family; I curse this woman for the rest of her days.   


Fire, Masculine, offer coffee or espresso to any deity/gods you work with, Root and Sacral Chakras, Archangel Gabriel and Chango, Sagittarius and Aries, Mars, and Earth.

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