The intimidating Goddess Lilith is known by many names and is also very similar to Hekate. So similar that if I did not know any better, I would have thought she was known by this name years ago when women were making a stand to be seen and acknowledged as equal to men and having a mind of their own.

Some of her other names are “The Goddess of the Night,” “The Queen of Vampires,” and “Screeching Owl.” In Babylonia, she is called “Lili,” or “Lilitu,” meaning the spirits. In Hebrew, her name is similar to “Night Monster” or “Screeching Owl.” Her name originated from ancient Syria. Her other name is Lilitu in the Sumerian world and means “Wind Spirit” for female demons.

She is also viewed as a sex slave for men in the sex occults. As a man, if you call upon her for a sex slave, she will haunt you to no end and will put you through pure hell. She becomes very mean. Men that have been verbally, physically abusive, or have been narcissistic towards women end up with a very long bad luck streak and even a tragic streak of something horrible happening to them. So I advise men to treat her with respect and work with her in their castings and training in deepening their path and knowledge. You summon her just the same as women do. Lilith does not like men because of what they put her through and made the hardships they made her endure till she could escape the garden of Eden.

Lilith has many meanings and interpretations. Along with that come many stories and misconceptions. Many witches fear her. When I say fear her, I am not talking about the respectful fear that most will have for their parents. I am talking about a deathly, terrified fear of her. Even with me saying she is not one to be reckoned with, she will come to you when summoned to help carry out a spell and grant your need to help push along the spell to be carried out as long as you show her respect and do not patronize her intellect and powers. Give her offerings with good intentions. No matter what they may be. Then you will be fine.

The fear usually comes from a lack of knowledge of who she is and what makes up her personality and character. In return, witches avoid her. She is one of the most feared Goddesses. For what she has to offer, you should hold some fear. She is also a misunderstood Goddess, so let us all take some time to learn about her and gain some understanding of her and her life.

She, like Hekate, is out for vengeance and justice on those who abuse their witches. Lilith, unlike Hekate, is a much darker Goddess. If she comes to you to work with you, you have graduated from Hekate to a much stronger and much deeper Goddess and a deeper part of your path. She is a famous figure in Jewish mythology. Her powers and presence go back much further in history. If She says it is time to move forward with your training, feel honored she has chosen you to teach. Feel flattered that she feels you are strong enough to move on in your path and work with her. If she has come to you, be warned, she is strict. She will not deal lightly with slackers and demands respect. She insists that you look her in the eyes.

Lilith is always willing to work with you to help women in trying times. She cares for women like they are sisters because she has a complete understanding of what they are going through since she has been there herself. She dislikes the “poor me” role because you have to take a stand and take back your life instead of dwelling on past issues and mishaps.

If you are Wiccan, she may not be what you are looking for, but she will help you with your path and workings if you open yourself up to her. She also has many misconceptions attached to her name due to “God’s” threats when she fled the garden of Eden. You will see why she is not a Goddess to be reckoned with as you read through the article. Meaning she is a powerful Goddess. She is very firm, fair, and consistent. She is extremely strict and has no room for games and cry babies. If you have reached a chapter in your life to take your life back and make changes, seek Lilith to help you make those changes.

In the Jewish legend, she was formed just as “God” created Adam from the soil. From the very beginning, she was associated with witchcraft, chaos, and sexuality. It is another reason that the Christians and Baptists feel the way they do about witchcraft because “God” wanted women designed to be submissive and subservient to men and to succumb to their wants and needs. By legend, her name means “The Night.” She is the Goddess of freedom.

Her presence is known well in the Middle East. The Middle Easterners insist and swear that Lilith is a demon and a “Night Hag.” Mostly because she will not succumb to Adam, in their culture, they believe in the old ways of women being servants to their husbands. They are only to speak when spoken to. They walk behind the man due to the man being the first to encounter any danger to protect the woman. They are to remain covered due to their body only to be seen by their husband. They marry a man their family chooses that will be good for them and will support them. If the man they chose ever passes away, the brother takes over the role of the caregiver and provider for her. If the brother chooses, he can marry her or find her a new husband. Otherwise, she will always remain in his family. (More explanation of her fleeing from Adam in the article.)

Women in the Christian and Muslim beliefs are to succumb to man. Lilith refused to be inferior to Adam. She was defiant to the ways of their culture, so she was considered evil and the night hag. She could not behave the way they wanted her to and fled the garden of Eden. God was very unhappy with this and sent three of his angels after her. When they found her, she was told to come back to her husband and the garden of Eden. She refused to return to him. The angels delivered the message to God. He went to her and warned her that she either needs to return or he will kill one hundred of her children a day till she does come back. Lilith’s response to this is that she was born to kill men and children. She was doing this to use reverse psychology to keep him from killing them since he would believe it did not phase her.

This is where the “baby killer” interpretation came from. With that being said, this is what has made her be called a baby killer. She is saying she would rather keep her freedom and have her mind than go back to Adam and be controlled and ordered around, not to be allowed to have her own opinions, and not to be allowed to have her expressive thoughts. She accepts who she is as a woman and an individual.

Lilith had the expectations of being Adam’s equal, but Adam had other plans such as Lilith serving him, his wants, needs, lying beneath him. Because she refused to do so, Adam just took what he wanted. He held her hands down and raped Lilith. In other stories, he demanded she lay beneath him and never laid a hand on her. When she left Adam and the garden of Eden, she left with a lot of anger and hatred. When she left, she went to join the Patriarchal Society as a demon but also as a guiding Goddess in the shadows.

A Goddess of such power and strength only uses what power she must. It is usually only revealed to the one it is being placed upon. It is done with great vengeance and justice. Her knowledge and wisdom are an extremely powerful gift, so be greatly pleased to have her choose you. For a woman of such strength, she has endured many trials and still stands strong. She carries on with her much-deserved independence. Humble yourself to her and embrace what she has to offer you.

Any woman who has endured and survived rape, beatings, incest, violence, divorce, death of a child, and abuse, and has the strength left to teach, learn, perform, think straight absolutely deserves the utmost respect and honor. She never sits around and dwells on things she can not change. Instead, she makes a stand against the situation and person saying, “You again? So you want to make a go-around again. You want more; bring it on!”.

Lilith found out what makes her happy, and that was by embracing her independence and freedom. This also means she had to accept what consequences came with her independence. She stands flat-footed and looks you in the face, and demands to be treated as an equal. She has endured the attempts of society to try and change who and what she is. Like others, she has been put in a fight or flight situation, and she fled. Just as she did Eden from Adam. She made that distance between herself and the controlling situation. She chose not to succumb to the demands of a man. When she made her entrance into the world again, she became stronger than ever before. She kept sight of what was more important to her, which was her independence, and took responsibility for her actions.

Some of the ways to work with Lilith and to call upon her are things such as needing a girl to talk with someone looking from the outside in at the situations. Not from a friend of the mundane world. When life gets to you and your anxiety acts out, yell out for Lilith and just have that one-on-one spiritual discussion about what to do or how to handle it. She will be there for you. If you are feeling down and depressed, talk with her, she will remind you that you are a strong woman. Feed off that depression to build inner strength to feel the opposite of how you are feeling. Summon her during meditation with a red and black candle to bring strength and power to your inner witchy soul. When you are angry with your husband or just a man in general, she will definitely come to help you work through it. If you have been traumatized, have a seance for her, and all will be well. Offer her some pomegranate kernels as a thank you for being there for you. Her favorite colors are red and black.

These are some ideas for honoring her on your altar. A few of these are my favorites to do and are simplistic and inexpensive. Get some of the plastic overhead sheets that the teachers used to use for class. You can find a pack of 10 for like five dollars the last time I checked. Draw some snakes on it with red and black permanent markers, cut them out, place some parchment paper in a baking pan and place the colored plastic snakes on it and bake them on low heat about two hundred works, so you dont burn them. As they heat up, they shrink and harden. They make a nice plastic decorative piece for your altar. Get some read and black modeling clay and mix them just enough to give the clay a marble appearance. Roll out the clay with a glass or a rolling pin and then cut out some snakes and bake them until the clay is hard. Draw in pencil a picture of Lilith and use pastel chalks or even oil pastels to add color to the picture of her and place randomly around the altar or use a thumbtack (push pin) to pin it to the wall.

She also loves the woods. Finds something to represent the nature of the forest. Set up another small table and put plastic green turf on it. Go to a resale shop and buy some of the little plastic trees and such. Use super glue to glue the trees and birds to the turf. Place the hardened plastic snakes on it and put a little picture of her on each corner of her in different poses. Put a few pomegranate kernels in the little coffee creamer cups that you find in the gas stations. Place them randomly around your honoring setup for her. Go to goodwill and buy a small black skirt and pull out last year’s Christmas tree skirt. Place the black one in the center of the red one and use an iron and sewing glue to tack it together. Trim it up if need be. Place a picture of her in the center and place it on your altar.

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