Witches’ Black Salt is made in different ways for centuries. Suppose you add or subtract an ingredient. It will determine if you will have a protection salt or a hexing or cursing mixture. The witches’ black salt is used for hexing, cursing, jinxing, blessing, protection, and healing. There are many places you can purchase witchs black salt. If you have the time and ingredients at home to make it yourself, the black salt will hold a lot more energy than store-bought. 


Witches’ protection salt is known by many names, such as witches’ black protection powder, Sal Negro(Spanish for black salt), witches’ salt, Hoodoo salt, and Santeria salt.


Witches’ black salt is used very dominantly in protection. The witches’ black salt can be sprinkled anywhere in your home, where you work, your prayer or blessing circle, or even casting your circle of protection before casting a spell. The purpose is to ward away any evil or negative energies from individuals of the mundane world or from spirits that would cause you any harm, physically or spiritually. Black salt is also an ingredient for creating a hex or curse. Salt is an excellent element for any spell due to its purities from our beautiful mother earth. It will act as a protectant from physical and psychic attacks and absorb psychic energies. You can sprinkle it in the footprints of someone who is bothering you to make them go away.  

It is also a representation of the earth. It is a base for alchemy, Hoodoo, witchcraft, used in some sorcery workings, and helpful at your workspaces. The purpose of this Salt is to deter any ill will or adverse intentions. Sprinkle the witches’ black salt around the perimeter of your property line or casting a line on the ground at the foot of your front door, inside or out. If I have used it inside, I will sweep it up and put it into a bag to throw in the trash instead of putting it outside in the grass to return it to the earth because it will kill the grass once it has served its purpose. 

Negative energies can make crazy things happen. So if you bury it, bury it as deep as absolutely possible and as far away from your home as you can. The reasoning is if someone were to break ground to build something, you would want to try to make sure it isn’t pulled up and discovered. Once the spell items are found, the spell intentions can cause harm or stick to the unintended person that stumbled across it. There are two ways I make the witches’ black salt; one is for hexing, and the other is for personal protection and to protect a spell I cast.

 1)- Witches’ protection salt/powder: Add powdered eggshell, sea salt or Himalayan Salt, white sage ash, incense ash, three pinches of used coffee grounds (for added energy), and cinnamon powdered up.


Six eggshells powdered, membranes removed completely (membranes easier to remove when soaked in hot water) allow them to sit and dry before using them. A jar with a lid, the size does not matter. Just a quarter of that container is filled with powdered salt. Put the salt in a bullet blender to powder up the salt. A bullet blender is so much easier to use than a mortar and pestle when using it for salt. The ash of one whole white sage bundle or the ash of six burned incense sticks, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Used dried coffee grounds(for added energy) or one teaspoon full, depending on the size of the jar you make. Place all of this into a jar with a lid and shake vigorously until well mixed. 

Another way of making witches’ black salt/powder is to combine sea salt, black pepper, and ashes from a charcoal disc. You can still add the ashes from incense or your white sage bundle if you like. Alternative to black pepper is cast iron shavings. 

When I make black hexing salt, I mix in Himalayan salt. I use the ash of burned charcoal disc with burned used coffee grounds, the shavings of cast iron skillet, the outer part because it is the darkest and most condensed, powdered black pepper. I also add powdered black walnut leaves, bark, branches, or a piece of root broken into pieces. After they are completely dry, I put the bark, root, and/or shells in a blender to get them powdered up as much as possible. If you chose to, you could burn the walnut root or bark to be powdered easier. Then I add used tobacco out of the butt of a cigarette(allow it to sit in the open to dry out and crush it into a powder). You can also get a bag of tobacco. I add powdered up sulfur. When I use black hexing salt, I sprinkle it around my spell. I have used this once on a sour jar. A sour jar’s life is usually seven to nine days. This one took effect on the third night after a third black candle was burned on top of the jar.

So as you can tell by this information, there are many differences between a hexing salt and a protection salt. First, they become solid and potent. Kosher table salt is acceptable to use if this is what you have available to you. If you have a fireplace or a barbeque pit, and you have the ashes from the charcoal and wood used to make your fire, feel free to grab some of those ashes as well. It is fine because of the charcoal.

Kosher table salt– (This is ok for witches’ protection salt) No, it is not blessed by a rabbi. That is a myth. Now, if I was to grab the shaker off of a Rabi’s family’s dining table EEHH maybe, but I am sure he would look at me about half-crazy, so if Kosher table salt is what you have, it is lovely and just as safe to use as sea salt. 

Sea salt- (recommended for witches’ protection salt) This is a little better than your essential Kosher table salt. It is more natural, and for protection, it is perfect. Add in some ash from a sacred fire ritual ceremony.

Himalayan Salt ( Highly recommended for witches’ protection salt) is pink because of the iron it has infused into it. Iron is also an element that represents the earth. With that being said, it offers protection during an out-of-body experience which is astral projection and used for shamanic workings. 

Black lava salt- (Add to turn the witches’ protection salt into a curse/hex salt) This is sea salt mixed with activated volcano charcoal. It is very good for rituals and ceremonies. It’s useful for removing physical and psychic toxins. It is awesome for any purifications you perform. 

Dead sea salt- (If you have this, use it to make your holy water) Due to the connections to the Holy Land, it is highly recommended for purification ceremonies and rituals. It holds many minerals and comes up from under the ground. It is excellent for cleansing baths and breaking negative psychic attacks. 

Your casting the witches’ black salt is for your protection, your home’s protection, and the protection of your family. The only time you put the witch’s black salt around a candle, at the base of the candle on the altar or table, is if any candle you have lit keeps going out. Doing this protects it from the evil spirits or negativity from blowing out the candle or a greater force from making it go out. 

Only do this when it does not stay lit for the protection of the candle. Occasionally, I will add witches’ black protection salt to the candle, but the protection powder is made with powdered rosemary, not with salt because the salt breaks down into water and will ruin the candle. When doing home protection with the witchs’ black salt/powder, you do not need a candle; if you want one, use a white candle. I gave the ingredients above. You sprinkle the witchs’ black salt and say the protection spell as your sprinkling the salt. The candles that are being used are for the spell you are casting out. There is always a white or black candle lit for the protection of your magic and your home. No matter what spell you’re doing, you always use the witches’ black salt in a circle casting as a circle of protection.


All the required items you will need are a spoon/altar spoon, jar of witches’ black protection salt/ powder, spell, and yourself. You do not have to use a candle for this spell. 



I call upon Mother Hekate by this salty spell and line I lay; negativity and evil may not stay, I lay this line, you may not cross, I send it out and forth to (NAME IF YOU CHOOSE). I hover over my home and family. My aura lays over them like a thick blanket of snow. I cast you away; you may not come, you may not stay. You have been given another way. Now go away and play with others; you can not stay. My family and home come first. You are not welcome; you have not been invited and shall not stay. As I will this, So mote it be. 



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