This crystal represents grounding, communication, connections, cleansing, love, vibrations, calming, meditation, spiritual, honesty, expand horizons and awareness, past lives, judgment, spiritual insights, spiritual work, in-depth expansions, auras, chakras, use it with moonstones and light meditations, divination work, telepathic works, gridding, balance, healing, flexibility, alignment of the spine, and neutralizes mercury.

Selenite is named after a Greek goddess, Selene. She is one of the moon goddess’s. It is in the gypsum family and is colorless, but with a white appearance. It gives off the appearance of the moon if in an oval shape and the light hits it, the light radiates through the Selenite, the same glow shines through the crystal that the moon puts out. When this crystal is put under pressure it bends in the direction of the pressure.

 The selenite is a magnificent piece to have in the home.  It is great for the crown and heart chakra. Selenite cleanses the emotional, energetic, leftovers that just sit there and create negativity. Selenite has some of the most powerful energies on the planet. With the help of this crystal, you can reach deeper levels, feel more, and see things that you never have before, or ever thought you would. So be prepared, be warned, or even just ready. This is an absolute tool. The Selenite tool will allow you to use the highest chakra, it will help you to ground your entire body, not just your mind. This will help open places in your mind you have never had a connection with before. 

This has high vibrations, not the same vibrations as others around you and the earth vibrations but the calming, relaxing vibrations you would get from hearing the selenite humming bowl. The nice thing about Selenite is it is a sunstone. This crystal has so much energy flowing through it and is always cleansing its self,  It never has to be charged because of all the natural energy flow and vibration it holds. The Selenite cleanses other crystals and even the body of the owner. This beautiful crystal has a never-ending energy flow. As long as it sits on your Altar top, it will cleanse and charge everything placed on the Altar top. 

Selenite is a soft stone, keep it dry, if it gets wet it will break down very easily. If for some reason you need a piece cut off the selenite crystal, it is best to let an experienced stone cutter do it. The reason for this is because the crystal is so soft that when the crystal is cut into, it tends to put off a soft powdery dust. This dust is toxic to the human body. When you handle it, immediately wash your hands because there are tiny Selenite fibers that can get into your lungs or eyes. If it gets in your lungs, it will cause internal bleeding and cause you to lose eyesight or cause a major eye infection. As long as you wash your hands, you will be fine.

Selenite is feminine by nature and ruled by the moon, and cancer zodiac. She is known by several names, satin, saar, gypsum flower, the stone of light body, and desert rose. Her element is water. Her chakra is crown, third eye, and heart,



Rose Quartz is found now in four countries. Madagascar, India, Germany, and the U.S. Any quartz crystal will form any time any amount of iron, titanium, and manganese are found together. This crystal is also a silicon dioxide.

Rose quartz stands for love, healing, peace, protection, fertility, gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, inner awareness, kindness, tolerance, raises self-esteem, self-awareness. It also removes fears, resentment, anger, grief, childhood trauma, and neglect, headaches, sinus, throat weight loss, addiction, earaches, reduces wrinkles, fibromyalgia, childbirth protection, helps brain functions, and growth in intelligence, and matters of the heart.

This crystal is used for humans and animals alike, for calming anxiety, nervousness or resolve the history of abuse, and helps to heal any traumas that may have occurred. The shaman has kept this crystal in their tools for hundreds of years and keeps it wrapped up in the finest deerskin they can obtain to protect it and cleans the negativities and illness out that it has absorbed from others. It is also kept within the deerskin for the understanding of the strength of the crystal.

This crystal is also good for any youth going through any hormonal change from entering puberty. The Rose quartz helps to give courage for them to go after a love interest or something they enjoy doing. Even a crush on the other teen at school. This will also help to bring out the inner beauty of a young woman.

The Rose quartz helps to heal the land of any memories of battles, the battle scars, heal any memory of murders from wars or any violent history. You can also bury the crystal in your garden to heal the land and have healthier more vibrant fruits and vegetables sprout up. With the minerals in the crystal that brought the crystal into existence, this is very possible for the garden.

It helps to heal any emotional wounds. , helps to create a peaceful, loving, calming atmosphere within the home and brings romance to couples in the bedroom, opens the heart chakra, and allows love to flow from within. Give this crystal to a child for warmth and security. It can be used on your altar to bring magickal energy to your spell casting and the work that is put into it.

Use the crystal on aches and pains to stop energy blockages, place it on the four corners of the bed for good rest. It is used in dream workings, and dream recall. Rose Quartz helps to resolve any separation problems, allows room for you to give or receive forgiveness, lowers heart stress and tension, removes resentment, jealousy, anger, it is also a strong connection to the universe, the earth, and the divine, and also allows for emotional growth.

Rose quartz has been known to help heal breast cancer and to aid in healing other cancers. It promotes a youthful appearance, aids in circulation, heart, adrenal gland, spleen, and kidney ailments. Alleviates, vertigo, asthma, varicose veins, eases sexual frustrations, and balances out sex drive. Also used in helping to heal the heartache and hurt in the event of a death. Don’t set it out in the sunlight to cleanse it, the crystal will fade. Bury it in the yard, use sage smoke, to cleanse the rose quartz, and to recharge use tea and rose water.

***Rose Water Recipe***

This is a rose water recipe that i use, you are welcome to it if you wish to use it.

The items needed are rose petals, distilled water, alcohol, and a storing jar or a spray bottle depending on if you are going to use it for a bath or a spray.


Boil your distilled water-six parts distilled water/ Three parts rose petals/ Steep these together for several hours, the longer you allow the petals steep, the stronger the scent will be, add distilled water a little at a time depending on how much it has evaporated. Let the potion cool, strain out the petals, pour into a jar and store in the refrigerator, make a spray with it by adding a cap full of Vodka or witch hazle as a preservative to add shelf life to your potion.

Spray yourself with it as a body spray to add loving energy to your love life, and space. You can add it to your bath as long as you did not add any preservatives. Use it to invite intimacy into your life and heart chakra. Soak in it and visualize blossoming flowers for peace and calming energy.



The Labradorite crystal, I would have to say is my personal favorite. In this column, I am going to cover a lot of information that will be helpful. In the next several paragraphs you going to be mesmerized. Who knows some of you may read this and jump online and order yourself a nice size gorgeous Labradorite. So hold on tight, we’re going on a Rainbow Labradorite ride. The meaning of Labradorite is “Stone of Magick”.

Labradorite represents a wide variety of things for a single crystal. I was honestly surprised and impressed with it. The Labradorite is loved by diviners, healers, shawman, hidden realms, seen and unseen. Self-awareness into the spiritual world, intuition, psychic abilities, protection, auras, strengthening sights, prophecy, coincidence, clairvoyance, telepathy, healing, serendipity, respiratory issues, anxiety, stress, blood pressure, menstrual symptoms, spleen, stomach, adrenals, liver gallbladder, gout, and last but not least, rheumatism.

So as you can see in a short, there is a multitude of things the cherished Labradorite, is great for. Throughout history, dating back for thousands of years, Labradorite is loved and cherished by many, shawman, diviners, Psychics, and so on. Many have relied a lot on the beautiful crystal. this crystal also assisted the telepathic, third eyes, and psychics to see and also visit the spiritual realms, sometimes even tell prophies.

Many healers, such as the shawman- (Indian medicine man) use this stone to help relieve pain associated with menstrual cycles, gout, Gaul bladder issues, pain with the spleen, stomach aches, and rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes the individuals that have high blood pressure keep this wonderful stone nearby to help with the pain that comes with the heart hurting from blood pressure going sky high and to alleviate the headaches that come with that.

Anxiety and stress, well theirs a lot to be said for these two that go hand in hand. Stress goes up, anxiety is sure to follow and does not stay far behind. Anxiety kicks in and it gets hard to breathe, the heart starts racing and your breathing becomes labored. When this starts happening, I light some white sage and place the Labradorite between my collar bone and my curated artery, after a few minutes, everything starts to settle down. Great to have. This may not work for all, everyone’s crystals have their unique bond with their owner.