The eastern black walnut is one of the most cherished trees and most commonly used woods from the Appliachine Mountains Forest. Trees are abundant with lots of uses but not nearly as many as the eastern black walnut tree does. It offers approximately seven benefits, from foods to antibacterials to insecticides. They are great for food sources, medical purposes, wood uses, and magical properties, to name the first primary four. I will go over each one of these purposes, starting with the ones just notated.

You can find this tree through various southern states and Texas to Georgia, mid-Ontario Canada to northern Michigan, and anywhere from north to mid-Minnesota to Wisconsin.

The French went crazy for the walnut in the 4th century A.D. The king of France started telling the gardeners to plant walnut trees on every acre of his property. The 11th century came to pass, and the French peasants were made to tithe the walnuts to the French Churches.
When the Greeks were not eating walnuts. They used them to dye hair, wool, and skin. Boiled walnut shells make an effective dye make lamp oil and medicine. Boiled walnut shells made an effective dye for wool because it does not need anything added to fix the color. They also used walnuts to make makeup and medicine. This walnut shell’s dye looks a lot more natural. The women became creative with the walnut dye. During and after the world wars, the boiled-down juice from the green casing of walnuts was used as a stain to dye their legs, as an alternative to pantyhose for the ladies—just some little fun facts of the notorious black walnut and the tree.

The eastern black walnut is one of the most magnificent woods to use. It is the most demanding and firmest wood. It does not decay very quickly and lasts the longest in this department. The black walnut tree needs rich, moist forest soil. When getting ready to plant this fantastic tree, there are many steps and a planting ritual that comes with adding this wild tree to your property. The insects hardly attempt to eat away at the walnut wood because it is so hard. Walnut wood is fantastic lumber to use to build your home. The black walnut is excellent for deterring lightning. If the tree is struck by lightning, it will split before it ever catches fire, so it is perfect for building your homes and for making walking sticks out of them. You can make a lovely and lasting wood dye with the rotted leaves and bark from the walnut tree or even from the cherry wood tree. Using the tree leaves and rotted bark to make a stain is because it becomes a thick dark mixture and lasts for a long while. If it starts rubbing off the furniture, it takes no time to make more and redo the stain. (A little witchy secret.) I will discuss why this wood is highly recommended. To give you a great idea of how strong the eastern black walnut wood is, this wood was used for decades as railroad ties, which means putting some thought on the weight and speed and the pounding the trains do to this wood. With all that and the weather, this wood lasts at least twenty years before needing replacing. If this does not help to understand the strength, I am not sure what will. It does hold a poisonous chemical within the tree’s roots. This tree has a chemical called allelopathic. The roots release this chemical. It will stunt the growth of some plants and kill others if planted too close to the eastern black walnut tree. This chemical is also called Juglone.

Even though the eastern black walnut is beautiful and robust, one of the benefits is its food source. Walnut wood is solid! It does not warp or twist up when dyed or stained. It is used to make many kitchen items and other household items. To name a few, they are kitchen counters, cutting boards, cooking utensils, dining tables, chairs, flooring, and salad bowls. Then some to call for outside are outside furniture and telephone poles. During Medieval times, Europeans soaked and crushed walnuts to create nutritious milk. The poor hunted and searched the forest grounds and trees for wild walnuts, while the rich could afford to buy the more expensive varieties of walnuts. By the end of the 17th century, walnuts were an important food source in France, and during the food depression in 1663, the poor would eat walnuts. They would also grind up the shells of the walnut and acorns to make coarse flour for bread. In World War II, walnuts were the primary source of protein. The people talked about how the nuts were high in fat but, in return, were a highly great nutritional food source.

A couple of medical purposes is all nuts offer iron and protein. Two vital minerals a human body must-have. If you’re low on iron, you will stay cold because iron helps regulate your body’s regular temperature. In addition, it helps to keep your heart rate and blood pressure controlled. On the other hand, if you are low on protein, your body will pull it from your bones and, in the long run, could cause osteoporosis, another good herb to use to balance your protein and vitamin “D” level is fantastic Chinese star anise. This walnut tree has been used in making herbicides and anti-bacterial for decades. Plus, anti-fungal. Green walnut juice rids your skin of ringworms when rubbed on the skin. To stop allergic itching, boil sulfur, water, and the whole walnut with the green hull still on it, let it boil down to a concentrated point, and rub it on your skin. (If you have any allergies to any of these items, I suggest using a different concoction or see your doctor).

If the walnut, the shell, and hulk is boiled down a little more to a concentrated point, add a tiny bit of flour and water almost as if to make homemade gravy consistency to thicken it up, it becomes an ink to write your spells out on parchment paper. Better yet, you can even create your very own homemade paper, yes, homemade paper.

In folklore, 1) If you carry the walnut, it is used to prevent you from becoming separated from your family. 2) Used to stop an unforeseen death. It also includes the association of love and poison. 3) Another folklore attributed to this tree is that the walnut shell is not to be burned. When burned, it is said that you will receive a long and steady streak of bad luck. 4) If you have a large crop of walnuts, this means that winter is coming early. 5) If you toss walnut leaves around the inside of your house, it wards off insects. 6) It is said to help mental illness. The walnut meat is the brain, and the shell is the top of the skull. You eat the walnut meat any way you choose, just as it is, or you can put it on a baking sheet and candy it. You can also chop it up and bake a nice walnut and banana bread with it and make some cinnamon and sugar butter. Yumm, a great mouth-watering treat for the Holidays. 7) It is also known by folklore that if you dream of cracking a walnut in your dreams, good fortune is coming and money in the hand is on its way to you. 8) If you carry a walnut in your pocket, it wards off headaches by absorbing it into the walnut. In American hoodoo rituals, walnut is used to jinx, hex, and curse. It is also used to break the cords of love between two people. The way to do this is by boiling three quarts of water, add walnut leaves, bark, walnut, husks, and any part you can get to add from the walnut and boil it down to one quart. Hand bathe with it as is. Do not add it to the bathtub of water and soak in it like that. To get the best results, crack open the walnut and drop it in the water to boil. As you are cleansing yourself in the walnut bath, you say what you want to be removed from yourself or off of yourself. Be specific with your desired request and said out aloud. Then you take the concoction outside and throw it all out on the trunk of the walnut tree to be rid of a love you no longer wish to have in your life.
The walnut tree, like the acacia tree, is used to make some great wands. It is an excellent kind of wood to make wands with because it represents the strengthening of matters of the heart. It also wards off rheumatism and assists in astral projecting. For all you ladies in a union, this is for you. Every year you do not want childbirth. That is how many walnuts you carry with you. If a walnut tree has been cut down due to it dying or fell from a significant storm, cut part of the trunk off the part still in the ground and carve yourself a brand new altar table. It also gives the spirit of the tree love and value. It will let the tree spirit know that its life was not ended in vain. Whatever you do, ask the tree gods for the approval for the wood and thank them for allowing you to take from the remains. The black walnut is excellent to use in all types of weather works, abundance spells, awakening your third eye, and rituals. It is perfect for blocking emotional feelings and assisting you in concentrating or focusing on those things. The wands and walking sticks are helpful for alignment with the fertility of the mind and different forms of love magicks. It is also adequate for works on the poisonous path to get some walnut tree roots—magickal workings with tools or bowls for holding shadow materials and darker working ingredients.

You will need black walnuts, leaves, shells, or husks; sprinkle the black walnut leaves around your altar to bring forth the energy to your altar. On a clean altar, place your tools. Place your crystals randomly around your altar. Put a black candle and a white candle on your altar. The candles are to help remove an unwanted love, a lighter, or matches to light the candle with witches protection black salt. Sprinkle the witches’ protection black salt around the candles to protect the cleansing and protection energy they provide.

I call upon Thore the thundering god to aid in the removal of an unwanted love and adding energy to my protection candle, and I offer you this meal offering in appreciation for your assistance in carrying out this spell; cover this altar with your vigorous strength to bring forth needed energy for the protection and ridding me of this unwanted love and help the discord continue with speedy flight throughout the wind like the feathers of a bird, carry it out, far and wide. This is my will. So mote it be.

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Native meaning, Fire, Earth, Spirit, Black, Green, Brown, Masculine, Feminine Mental Powers, Infertility, Health, Wishes, Abundance, Motivation, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Vashaan, Vishnu

You can make homemade paper to get several different kinds of paper together, such as old used unneeded printer paper, old newspaper, and even paper grocery sacks. Tear the old paper up and place it in water for a day or two. Make sure you have at least two cups or more water on that paper, showing two cups above the top of the paper. You need this paper nice and diluted, mushy even. Pour it all into a blender and put it on the highest level possible. You will need some metal window screening. You also need four pieces of trim, the same length as the four sides of the screening. Either use hot glue, super glue or tacking nails, or even thumbtacks and a metal baking pan. You will use the adhesive on the trim. Place the screen side on the edge that matches the size you are working with. If you are using thumbtacks or tacking nails, place the side of the screen on top of the trim that matches the size of the trim you are going to start with and use a tiny hammer that has a small head on it to tap the tacking nails or thumbtacks through the screen into the trim. You will want a tight pull on the screen to the trim it is attached to. Place the screening in the baking pan trim side down.
Once the water-downed paper is blended up like tiny looking fibers of the mushy paper, pour it over the screen from top to bottom or side to side, whichever you choose. It just has to be evenly spread out. Run your hand over it and even it out and smooth it out, and press on it. Not too hard, so you do not break the screening off the trim. Just press a little at a time and get out as much water as possible to dry it out quicker. Either sit it out in the heat of the sun or use a heat gun, but not too close to the paper, as it will turn dark the more it dries. Viola! You now have homemade, recycled paper. (Witchy tip, as it is still wet, spray perfume or cologne into the water- paper mixture to give the paper a nice smell and extra property and intention to the magickal use of the paper.)

When I use the black walnut, I use it in my hex/curse/ jinx—revenge powder jar. The way I make this powder is very easy but does take time to achieve the desired texture and results you wish to gain from the purpose. The nastier it is, the better the magickal intentions will be, so keep this in mind.

Okay, so what I do is take the used coffee grounds from the coffee pot and set the filter and grounds in a bowl. I let them sit for a good month, depending on the quantity or amount of coffee grounds you kept. The longer you let them sit in a moist hot space, the nastier it becomes. By the time im ready to prepare my concoction, there are baby maggots on the underlying side of the coffee grounds. EEEWWW yuck, some say, but some are like, oh my yes, my dear lol. I will put the coffee and filter in an old frying pan turn the stove on about medium heat. Then I will let the coffee and the coffee filter sit there for about 10 minutes and then turn the filter over. If all the coffee grounds come off of it, ill leave it out of the pan and dry the coffee grounds out. As the filter dries, the grounds will fall off of it. Put the filter in a ziplock baggie for a later time when you are ready to make some homemade paper to use the black walnut ink on. Then I continue to mix the coffee grounds to get them completely dried. Once this is done, I place the grounds in a bowl you can occasionally stir them in to reduce the heat from them, and the condensation doesn’t build up. Next, I will get some old cigarette butts and put the tobacco in the same frying pan to dry it up well; you want it at a dry, crispy texture as to be able to powder it up in a mortar or a bullet blender and add it in with the coffee grounds. Mix it up well. The next step would be to powder up the black walnut leaves and add them to my concoction. Mix it all in.

The last step is where some come into a small problem because nowadays, not everyone’s home comes equipped with a beautiful cast iron skillet on hand anymore. The best ones to use are the ones that were used thousands of times, nicely seasoned and blackened; you will need a short, very sharp but strong knife. You will also need to be very careful not to cut yourself; start scraping cast-iron shavings off of the cast iron pan. I get them from the sides of the pan, inside or outside; it doesn’t matter, obtain as much as your hands will allow you to acquire; this is no easy task. It takes me sometimes all day to do this off and on because I have carpal tunnel, and this task will make it act up even on the best of days. I sometimes will separate a portion of this mixture for a separate jar and add Spanish, oakmoss, or Irish moss and use it to make war water, which by the way, stinks to all hell, lol. Very handy, though.

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