In Norse it means brave. In Iceland it means bold. Baldur’s parents are Odin and Frigg. Baldur is known as the god of light, purity. He was categorized as a fair, wise, gracious, and, humble god. Baldur was the god of elegance and beauty. He was thought of as the best god, and he was loved by many.

Baldur had a tragic experience in his life that happened right after he started dreaming about his death. He started telling Frigg about this and then everyone became concerned for Baldur’s safety and protection. Frigg decided she was going to cast a protection spell over Balder. She revoked all the town’s people’s magickal powers. The spell she was to cast had mistletoe as an ingredient. The townspeople were at a town hall one day and Baldur dared them all to throw knives at him. Later on, the gods started using Baldur for target practice for knife throwing. They all would get a kick out of the knives bouncing off of him since Frigg cast a protection spell on him. Loki, being Loki, conned Frigg into telling him her secret about the mistletoe that was left out of the spell. Now that her secret was revealed, Loki gifted Baldur’s blind brother Hodr a dagger made of mistletoe. When Hodr threw the dagger at Baldur, he subsequently stabbed him with the dagger and killed him. Baldur was a little mischievous when he would get picked on or bullied. He would run at lightning-fast speeds around the bullies and conk them over the head before they realized anything happened.

Odin met with the Hel goddess to bargain for Baldurs’ life to be returned. Hel agreed, but in return, Hel wanted everyone, alive and dead, to mourn for him. The only one who would not mourn for him was a giant name Thokk. Later, everyone found out that Thokk was Loki in disguise. He then tried to turn into a fish and slip away, but he got caught. Loki was carried off and chained up with Hel for his crime. Baldur was allowed to return home.

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