Green Witches try to keep all their workings, tools, and herbs organic and as pure as possible, but there is just no way to keep the essential oils from going bad. Rubbing alcohol is included when making essential oil. It is homemade by steeping fresh jasmine flowers. You would add a tad bit of vodka if you dont have any rubbing alcohol to keep it from spoiling or going sour. Almost every jasmine-scented product contains additives. The number of jasmine flowers needed and how fragile the fragrance is made jasmine one of the few most expensive essential oils in the world. At hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per ounce, the extracted oil of jasmine is not readily available except to higher-end perfume developers. Several synthetic products on the market state it is all-natural essential oils. In all honesty, the synthetic jasmine scented liquid is a mixture of other liquids to bring forth the aroma of the jasmine flower. It helps others to be able to afford some of the jasmine and different similar smells. Fortunately, natural jasmine aromas are made of benzyl acetate quite often. These chemicals and this fragrance are copied in the production labs. Many jasmine oil blends are exquisite and will allow you to enjoy this beautiful aroma if it is in a tea, a perfume, a floor mop solution, or an air freshener without going broke.


Jasmine comes from the Persian name Yasmine, which means fragrance. It is also called Yasmeen, which means a gift from God. In flower language, jasmine stands for purity and grace. By ancient flower language, jasmine means amiability. Other names are Queen of the Night and Moonlight on the Grove because the flowers blossom as the sun has gone down below the earth line to not burn them and after dark. 


This flower began its long history in the middle east and the far east end of their country. Royalty has a beautiful jasmine flower growing in the gardens around the palace, where the royal family comes to embrace its beauty. The jasmine tree has also inspired many poets. Poets have come to admire the beauty of the jasmine flower and the jasmine tree. Poets have also reported they have gotten an epiphany from the great trees to pour out mesmerizing and exquisite writings about the jasmine tree and flowers and the comforting smell from the tree. According to the Druids, jasmine is considered a birth tree. When you get this tree, you can almost always count on showing an interest in politics, a political representation, communications, or even some kind of social interest. They love to explain why their thoughts are such and bring them to that way of thinking on that particular subject. 


Many companies use jasmine flowers to make lotions, perfumes, essential oils, and different herbal teas. This flower is in high demand by many companies because of the natural oils from this flower. The jasmine flower blossoms have to be cultivated by hand and not by machine to keep the aroma from the oil. That keeps the flower petal from bruising and ruining the smell of the flower. Jasmine only blooms from late evening to dark. The flower naturally does this to protect its frail character. The sun burns the flower petals, and the Jasmine scent is no longer available. Jasmine comes as just a dried flower and in an oil form. The dried yellow and white flower petals do not have much of a smell. Due to this, the jasmine flower is used primarily for its magical powers. 


Many will also use the jasmine to make tea by adding green or white tea leaves with jasmine blossoms. You will need one teaspoon of dried jasmine flower blossoms for one eight-ounce cup of tea to make jasmine tea. Let it simmer for about twenty minutes. Jasmine tea can be drunk as it is or add it into a container with other teas. I like it with honey or stevia as a sweetener. You can drink it two or three times a day if you wish. 


Jasmine is used for its relaxing effects. Both jasmine, lavender, and chemical substitutes have a calming effect on rodents, wild animals, and people. When smelling jasmine oil, I see people become more romantic, flirtatious, more upbeat, and have more energy all the way around. In addition, it helps to alleviate stomach aches and cramping, indigestion, and inflammation. Jasmine is high in antioxidants and can stop several bacterias that cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. 

Jasmine is used to calm the nerves, anxiety, ease your depression, and help you sleep when dealing with insomnia. The smell of jasmine is calming and helps to uplift your spirits when you are feeling down. When jasmine is dried, the yellow-white petals do not have much aroma—instead, used for their concentrated magickal power. For jasmine essential oils, put six to eight drops in your bathwater. The oil helps out as a relaxant. Put lotions or massage creams in a bowl and slowly mix them with a drop of essential oil for each ounce a little at a time till you have reached your desired scent. Use a medicine plunger to replace the creams and lotions in their original containers. Put another label on the lotion bottle or tube showing you have this one made with jasmine oil. This essential oil will reduce inflammation of the muscles. Jasmine is good for the kidneys when brewed into tea.


Jasmine is used in a multitude of magickal spell castings, happiness charms, psychic dreams, dream magick, and prosperity spells. Jasmine has the honor in that it is associated with the moon and moon magick, lunar magick, dream magick, and purity. Jasmine’s scented oil has become a prized possession. It is worn to attract love, lust, and happiness. Jasmine is highly recommended in China and other Eastern countries to form wreaths with jasmine flowers for women’s hair for gatherings such as marriage ceremonies and to help bring forth love and happiness. The two primary uses are in love spells, and divination works. 

An undisputed Lunar Herb, Jasmine is an excellent choice for moon magick, prophecy, dreaming, and attraction. The jasmine bloom is brief. It only blooms overnight and for a few days before new blossoms come. It is used to attract spiritually pure love. Jasmine may be burned, carried, scattered, or added to dream pillows and baths. 

It makes a perfect anointing oil for feminine tools like scrying mirrors and chalices. Respect this long-lived flower, and it will surprise you with vivid visions and intense love. It is also known as the king of oils, henceforth carries properties of money and prosperity. You can use essential oils in the burners, wax burners, diffusers to put on candles or in candles when producing your own. You can anoint yourself or others in spells, bags, sachets, amulets, talismans, baths, mop water, dab on crystals, stones, basic rituals, and magick. Wipe some around the outside of your door to only allow loving intentions in your home. 

You can also infuse some of the jasmine flower buds into homemade Holy water to gain a protective love for your home. Steep the buds for twenty minutes and add that into the Holy water with a blessing and protection spell. It is perfect for divination working when incorporated with mugwort. You can do many things with the intentions you possess from within yourself. Jasmine’s scent has become a prized possession because the flowers are used to create oils worn to attract love, lust, and happiness. 

 In Thomas Moore’s book, “The Light of the Haram,” the Enchantress Namouna is familiar with all spells and talismans. She gives instructions to Nourmahall to gather at midnight, which is the hour that scatters spells on the herbs and flowers. Individual flower blossoms are braided into a wreath. A chant is hummed and sang while putting the wreath together to recall Selim’s love. 

“The image of love, that nightly flies

To visit the bashful maid;

Steals from the Jasmine flower that sighs

Its soul, like her, in the shade.

The dream of a future happier hour,

That alights on misery’s brow,

Springs out of the silvery Almond flower

That blooms on a leafless bough.” 

Place jasmine flower blossoms inside a dream pillow to bring prophetic dreams. Add dried powdered jasmine to Lunar incenses, mojo bags, spell bottles, and homemade candles. Crystals may be cleansed and charged in a bowl of jasmine blossoms. You can pass them through the smoke from jasmine incenses as well. Carrying jasmine in a locket or sachet inspires confidence and inner beauty. Dab a little bit of jasmine oil on your third eye before meditation or psychic readings.

A ritual “marriage” of jasmine and holly will attract a new passionate love affair or reconcile an old one. Jasmine is considered a birthing tree due to their newfound loves and marriages. Then being married or in a union, most will have children, which means newborn life. When given this tree sign, a person usually always shows an interest in politics or some public relations and communications or social interests. They get great joy out of creating a debate in politics. 

Jasmine flowers attract emotional love and are associated with beauty, kindness, and romance. Jasmine brings prophetic dreams and psychic abilities and brings back the love of a lost family member. If a person chooses the Jasmine flower, it means their intentions will be cheerful. Like all the other flowers, each has correspondence, and yellow jasmine is the flower of an epiphany. By folklore, if you dream about the jasmine flower, it brings good luck. If lovers dream of the jasmine flower, it means they will be married soon.

Burn some dried jasmine in your bedroom when you sleep to help with divinatory dreams. It is also helpful to burn loose incense on the charcoal disc when performing any divinatory work such as scrying, tarot readings, or rune casting. Burning Jasmine is also instrumental in lucid dreaming, astral projecting, and contacting the divine and guides through your dreams. Jasmine also attracts money and connects with others emotionally for wisdom and creativity, particularly creating something that will touch the emotions. Use Jasmine flowers or even use finely ground Jasmine wood for money or love spells. I would use Jasmine wood as a love incense. You can also add jasmine in poppets for money or love spells and used it for making your wands as well.


You will need red, pink, and white candles and a lighter or matches. Jasmine, rose petals, lavender blossoms, rose quartz, a small piece of paper with the person’s name you wish to bring to you for love, and a red or pink pen for writing. You can add in some rose water on the altar, too if you wish, or on the piece of paper and then burn it in the flame of each candle. Let the ashes drop in the red candle. Sprinkle the flower petals and blossoms on your altar or your workspace and around the candles.


Love, love, come to me. You are all I need. I need you now. I call you from a lonely heart. I wish to have love with all my heart. Bring me, true love, from you to me. I call this to the universe. Please come to me now. So mote it be.


Waxing moon. Water, Feminine Venus, Female, Virgo, Cancer, Air, Love, Psychism, Abundance, Joy, Divination, Creativity, Heart chakra, Aphrodite, Áine, Bastet, Eostre, Ishtar.

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